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GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) - Ambassadors


Positively Shaping the Future

What is a GCIF Ambassador?
A GCIF Ambassador delivers a message of positive, profit-driven change by advocating the value of investments in sustainability businesses and projects. By increasing the visibility of GCIF, a GCIF Ambassador strengthens and builds relationships with existing and potential investors as well as with start-up businesses wanting to explore enterprising ideas and investment opportunities.

What is the role of a GCIF Ambassador?
As a representative of the GCIF, a GCIF Ambassador stimulates awareness, interest and understanding of GCIF and the GCIF portfolio companies and projects; initiating positive engagement and impact action from investors, business, industry, communities, the media and individuals to create sustainable results. Each role is personalized to match interests and strengths.

Become a GoGreen Credits Ambassador of change

Are you interested in learning more about GCIF Ambassadors? Please read on -by downloading the GCIF Ambassadors White Paper.

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