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The Sustainability ShowCase (S-ShowCase)

The Sustainability ShowCase (S-ShowCase)

Multimedia Micro-Website Presentations of Real-life Solution That Are Making Difference.

Your S-ShowCase is designed to CONNECT with your target group, COMMUNICATE your project message and enable you and your S-ShowCase visitors to INTERACT more easily. The mission of the S-ShowCase is clear: to provide members with an advanced online platform on which to present your sustainability projects to a large audience, in a manner that will make an IMPACT, -and ultimately INSPIRE CHANGE.

The S-ShowCase allows our clients to communicate innovative new sustainable solutions developed by themselves or through collaborative synergies to a targeted audience through GoGreen Portals. Here, we disseminate in formation and initiate contact among all the stakeholders at our sustainability network.

The S-ShowCase is a specially developed micro-website that hosts multimedia presentations of real-life solutions from members that are making a difference, including businesses, products, projects and services from companies, entrepreneurs, cities, universities, NGOs and research centers.

Progressive online marketing and SEO campaigns – including articles, blogs, social media management, automated inbound marketing, PR, mobile and email marketing – assures that each S-ShowCase is reaching the largest possible target audience, and the GoGreen Portals team follows up with ongoing web traffic analyses of usability, performance and visitor metrics. 

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