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The Importance of Conserving Water in the Car Wash Industry


If you pay attention to the amount of water you use in your everyday life, you should also consider the way companies you do business with approach water conservation. The car wash industry in India is a good place to start when delving into this growing issue, as the area's top corporations are leading the effort to save water in this part of the country.

Whether you're looking to wash cars, buses or other transit vehicles, you have the opportunity to support companies paving the way for a more sustainable planet. Here's a breakdown of the importance of conserving water in the car wash industry, so you can choose the top companies and best locations for cleaning your vehicle.

Water Conservation Across India

Water conservation is becoming a main focus for businesses in India as a whole. You'll find a number of companies demonstrating stellar water usage habits while implementing new conservation methods, like Refreshed founder and CEO, Bhavin Shah, who revolutionized the industry with his waterless mobile detailing and washing.

The commitment to water conservation is a way of life in India, so corporations around the country can follow suit by creating and setting up efficient water management systems. Whether you're part of a company that manufactures, installs or uses car wash equipment, you have an important role to play in the water conservation taking place around the world.

Nissan of India Can Help

Nissan of India has also joined on the greener approach to keeping cars clean with their innovative car wash foam. So far, they have saved over 6.1 million litres of water in India. Their foam contains no hard chemicals, reduces water consumption by 45%, and is available in all Nissan service centers.

While a traditional car wash requires about 160 litres of water, with Nissan's foam, you only use 90 litres. It also has the added benefit of enhancing the gloss and shine of any vehicle.

The Car Wash Industry and Water Conservation

In the wake of strict water usage rights being implemented in urban areas around the country through the Water Conservation Act, the car wash industry has been incorporating best practices while adopting new technologies to save water. Whether you're interested in a small eco friendly wash system for cars or a larger one for buses, you can rest assured knowing the car wash industry is determined to better manage water usage while ensuring the same quality service.

The Solution to Water Overuse in the Car Wash Industry

If you're interested in the different ways car washes conserve water, you can start with the two types of water used in the industry. Fresh water and wastewater are the two main factors in water management, as fresh water can be used to finish a wash while recycled water can be utilized earlier in a wash. Because used water can be treated or disposed, any car wash company can invest in a system that recirculates water. The treatment process removes soap, dirt, and chemicals, repurposing this water for later cleaning cycles to help cut back on water usage.

Some wash companies, like Green Salute, which offers service in limited areas of Pune, have done away with water completely, saving over 16,000 litres of water in about 1,000 car wash sessions. The company uses a special liquid spray that is a mixture of advanced surfactants, lubricants, and emulsifiers to remove dirt particles from the surface of the vehicle. After a thorough wash, each car is wiped down with a special microfiber towel.

Other companies with similar waterless car wash practices include Eco Whisk in Vadavalli, Auto Sardar in Mumbai, and Three C Clean Care in Coimbatore — hailed as one of India's first waterless carwashes.

The Car Wash Industry and The Reclaim System

Water conservation has been a key factor in the car wash industry for a while, and owners of every type of car wash still have the option to incorporate reclaim systems. Because a high quality reclaim system will collect and treat used water, car washes can run the same water through their systems a second or third time.

The type of car wash you're working with determines the sort of equipment that should be installed, encouraging owners to take their type of business into account when choosing the best system. Whether you're interested in self-service, drive-thru, or full service car washes, each one can be used to monitor and control water runoff, evaporation and collection to maximize water usage.

The Consumer's Contribution to Water Conservation

If you're a consumer who often visits your local car wash, you can also take part in the effort to conserve water. The habit of decreasing the pressure of the hose nozzle or waiting until you've scrubbed your vehicle before rinsing it off are examples of ways to use less water in self-serve car washes. For drivers who prefer drive-thru ones, spend a little extra going through the blow dryer or let your car drip dry before leaving a full service car wash. Every type of car wash can make changes to use less water, so look for businesses putting conservation first to waste less water in your day-to-day life.

The Intersection of Available Solutions and Innovative Ideas

Because successful adherence to environmental laws depends on a healthy mix of available solutions and innovative ideas, car wash system manufacturers, car washes, and customers alike can use both approaches to save more water. You can start making a difference by washing your vehicle at a location that recycles water to limit water usage and avoid polluting the environment. Given that the future of the car wash industry also relies on companies finding new ways to optimize water treatment, you can also support these organizations in their conservation efforts. The final step in creating a more sustainable planet is embracing waterless car washes to encourage the use of new technologies that require little to no water.

The importance of conserving water, especially in the car wash industry, is taking center stage everywhere. Because the area's leading corporations are making an effort to save water and promote their cause throughout the country, you can make a difference by making the most of their environmentally-friendly services. Your interest in using less water and minimizing your impact on the planet can also extend beyond your home and neighborhood, so start thinking of new ways to curb your consumption.








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