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Creating uniquely art inspired and exciting underwater revenue spaces at resort hotels.

Resort hotel coral reefs are being pushed to the brink. For the past three years, many of the world’s five-star resort reefs have been hammered by “the longest and most widespread coral bleaching event on record,” according to the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Since the 1970s, climate change, El Niño events, overfishing, pollution, and other pressures, have caused nearshore resort reefs to decline at an unprecedented rate. As coral continue to be assailed from all sides, the question becomes: what happens to a resort hotel "bottom line" when coral reefs disappear?

Today's discerning and connected travelers want to improve the places they visit, ensuring that local environments are helped, not harmed, by their presence.

Fortunately, a new generation of resort hoteliers is offering them the chance to do just that by innovating their declining waterfronts . Welcome to the age of "Habitat Tourism".

Reef Worlds designs and builds uniquely art inspired, artificial reef tourism sites for resort hotels. Nearshore reef loss is a trending global problem affecting your bottom line as guests travel further afield to snorkel and dive on the world's last pristine reefs.

Our exciting snorkel and scuba parks offer completely interactive play experiences for the whole family. Rebuilding lost habitat, keeping your guests on-property while attracting a new generation of return patrons to your resort hotel.

• Enhanced Revenues via Multiple Channels

• Uniquely Branded Guest Experiences

• Improve Per Cap Spend

• ROI Within a Calendar Year

Resort design trends are continuing to evolve, with a focus on making the most out of spaces to optimize every inch of footage in a way that exceeds the needs of your guests. Reef Worlds creates a stage where guests can act out their vacations.

Do you own a five-star waterfront resort with a two-star declining near shore reef zone? We can help you revitalize those underperforming tourism zones, opening up acres of potential revenue development on your resort property.

Our world class design team reimagines your resort's waterfront with artificial reefs as monetized underwater playgrounds, offering the best of artificial reef habitat and structure with a bespoke design that your clients will be thrilled to discover and explore.  

Your voyage into art inspired reefs has begun, what's your vision?