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Prepare For Impact

Prepare For Impact

The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and GoGreen Incubation Center represent a win-win opportunity for the planet, people, partners & investors.

All of us are changing the world. We all have an impact. Companies and investors, NGOs and governments, educators and students, media and lawmakers. The issue is not if we are having an impact on the world, but what that impact is.

We all have a responsibility to face the planet's environmental issues and the capability to positively contribute to a global sustainability that benefits the environment and the people. In the past three years, GoGreen Portals has evolved from the recognition of this need to 'do something', to the application of advanced technology to promote green ideas and projects, to getting hands-on involved in our own sustainability initiatives and marine conservation projects.

To accomplish this, the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and GoGreen Incubation Center were created to support investment strategies with a high potential for sustainable financial returns and maximum social, economic and environmental impact. With the GoGreen Portals team and our partners at the helm providing strategic leadership and support, we are driving much-needed capital and innovative solutions to undeserved countries, local communities, tourism destinations and industries.

Are you prepared to make a positive impact? If so, please read on by downloading the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund White Paper. 


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