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There was a time when companies developed affordable products that met consumer needs and sold them with catchy slogans in the print and broadcast media. Today, however, consumer expectations are much higher, and sustainable marketing is far more complex.

Whether a company, a city, a beach resort or a university, today it is critical to be perceived as committed to sustainable economic, social and environmental policies and practices.

This demonstrates that you are ‘walking the walk’ – that The Boss is a man or woman with a clear vision who is making environmental concerns a priority, and has the charisma to motivate employees to learn about things like energy-saving, climate change and clean technology – and get onboard.

It sends a message of leadership throughout the organization, as well as to investors, consumers and regulators, that you are not only meeting international standards but helping to define them.

Sharing these values throughout the organization – and with the rest of the world – eliminates the need to hard-sell the company, city, beach resort or university, because you have now found the holy grail of marketing: emotional connections. By being proactive, you have gone beyond what your stakeholders expected – now all you have to do is get the word out, and that’s where we come in.

GoGreen Portals was founded on the premise that a good sustainability performance has far greater value if it is seen, and that broadcasting these successful initiatives as widely as possible plays an integral part in extracting that value. Here, members have access to a wide range of state-of-the-art marketing, social media, collaboration and project management tools, each specifically designed to give your sustainability projects the visibility required to maximize their value, and innovative platforms like the Sustainability ShowCase, which utilizes cutting-edge third-wave virtual event technology to create multimedia micro-website presentations of real-life solutions that are making a difference.

Organizations are finding that it's not easy to ‘go green’ and requires a lot more than talking the talk. Strategies have to be developed, plans implemented, processes changed, and the corporate culture refreshed. The good news is that, once you’ve done that, GoGreen Portals has made it easy to get the word out.



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