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S-ShowCase Features Here goes the sub title

Communicate Your ImpactCommunicate your impact go S-ShowCase

Your S-ShowCase is designed to CONNECT with your target group, COMMUNICATE your project message and enable you and your S-ShowCase visitors to INTERACT more easily. The mission of the S-ShowCase is clear: to provide members with an advanced online platform on which to present your sustainability projects to a large audience, in a manner that will make an IMPACT, -and ultimately INSPIRE CHANGE!

It’s where people communicate innovative new sustainable solutions developed by themselves or through collaborative synergies to a targeted audience through GoGreen Portals, where we disseminate information and initiate contact and conversation among all the members and stakeholders in our sustainability database and network.

Put Your Impact On The Geo-Map

Put your impact on the Geo-Map

Let your S-ShowCase visitors know where in the world your project is based with an interactive, on-site geo-map by simply clicking the ‘map it’ button. Pinpoint your exact whereabouts with a batch geocoder to add your address and coordinates, with handy, customizable marker icons for each of your S-ShowCase categories. Enable greater understanding of your geographical area and project location with an easy-to-navigate Google Maps experience that gives your visitors up-close information, from directions to where you are, to street view integration.

The S-ShowCase Catalogue

s-showcase catalogue feature

A comprehensive, interactive S-ShowCase Catalogue lists your project, along with a thumbnail image and interactive map. Traffic is driven to your S-ShowCase, utilizing targeted inbound marketing strategies, and the short, expandable summary reinforces SEO. Within the user-friendly listing with Search and Advanced Search functions, visitors see important data without leaving the listing. This includes the number of photos, videos, audio files and attachments added to the S-ShowCase, along with number of visitor views, user rating and number of favorites. One click enables reviews to be read and written.

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