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Microsoft has been 100 percent powered by renewable energy since 2014.

Investments in renewable energy are a core component of Microsoft’s overall sustainability strategy. Microsoft is committed to increasing the purchase of green power and making long-term purchase agreements to power their facilities with local renewable energy. In the Microsoft fiscal year 2015, they have purchased more than 3.2 billion kilowatt hours of renewable energy and supported initiatives that encourage utilities and suppliers to improve the access and affordability of renewables.

Microsoft Office 365 solutions support the new world of work by streamlining communications and collaboration. This can reduce the need for business travel and commuting along with delivering the environmental benefits of cloud computing. Microsoft’s cloud services offer customers an energy efficient and carbon neutral alternative to running their own private data centers. Moving to our cloud services can help businesses reduce energy use by 30 to 90 percent per user versus running on-premise services.

Skype adds enterprise-grade collaboration, online conferencing, and desktop sharing capabilities to the mix. With its global customer base, it’s easier for businesses to hold online meetings than ever before.Recycling is an important part of Microsoft end-to-end sustainability strategy.

Microsoft is committed to the recovery and recycling of the useful materials in our products and keeping them out of landfills at the end of their life cycle. Microsoft manages the complexity of the return and recycles phase by partnering with recycling organizations, joining forces with collection schemes, and working with retail stores and our OEM partners to facilitate the return and recycle process for consumers. Our Refurbished PC Program gives new life to PCs, which helps communities around the world. Millions of PCs and all types of consumer end-of-life electronics are being recycled through this network.

Microsoft Cloud Computing Sustainability White Paper


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