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  • All Shares are GoGreen Credits Impact Fund A-Shares. We believe that the smallest investors should have the same rights as even the largest investors and that is why only A-Shares, with full right to vote, are offered to all investors.
  • Price per share is USD 10.00. You will automatic receive a 20% discount when purchasing from 1 up to 100 shares, 30% on 101-200 shares and 40% on purchases of over 201 shares.
  • You will Get a shareholder account at our partner Capshare, a US based company, and from your account you will be able to access the GCIF and the GCIF portfolio companies cap tables.
  • Take advantage of first-right privileges to invest in our crowdfunding and later also on in the GoGreen Credits ICO when it is launched.
  • Connect with a valuable network of individuals, businesses, investors and organizations and forge strong relationships.
  • Earn GoGreen Points for your activities at www.gogreen-portals.com; with Points being converted to shares or donated to our non-profit Marine Life and Coral Reef Conservation Projects.
  • Experience the personal satisfaction of being involved with our green and sustaible portfolio companies and worthy conservation projects that really make a real difference, and recognition for positive involvement and achievements.

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