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Become an GCIF Ambassador and Investor

Benefit from sustainable returns on investment with our "Buy-1-Get-1-Free Ambassador Share Scheme" and the ability to sell shares and hereby earn more shares.

  • You will Gain new shares when you enable other Ambassadors to join the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF);
  • You will Earn shares when you sell GCIF shares to other Ambassadors or new investors;
  • All Shares are GoGreen Credits Impact Fund A-Shares. We believe that the smallest investors should have the same rights as even the largest investors and that is why only A-Shares, with full right to vote, are offered to all investors.;
  • Price per share is USD 10.00. When you buy GCIF shares, you will automatically get your free GCIF Ambassadors shares scheme. If you, e.g., buy 500 shares we will double it up with 500 free shares, so in total, you get 1,000 shares;
  • You will Get a shareholder account at Capshare, a US based company, and from your account access to the GCIF and the GCIF portfolio companies cap tables;
  • Take advantage of first-right privileges to invest in our crowdfunding and later also on in the GoGreen Credits ICO when it is launched;
  • Benefit from social media marketing on the GCIF extensive network and your own social network platforms;
  • Enjoy an Office 365 E1 one-year license, which includes Office 2016, and a professional business email when you buy USD 200 or more GCIF shares. You can get your domain set up with this as well and create your personal or company email. The license also gives you access to some of our online offices, groups and teams, including the Ambassador Team;
  • Become a philanthropist and help communities, coastal regions and the environment;
  • Promote a positive image of GCIF Ambassadors on a personal and professional level through your support of sustainability and environmental action;
  • Connect with a valuable network of individuals, businesses, investors and organizations and forge strong relationships;
  • Earn GoGreen Points for your activities at www.gogreen-portals.com; with Points being converted to shares or donated to non-profit marine life and coral reef conservation projects;
  • Experience the personal satisfaction of being involved with worthy projects that really make a real difference, and recognition for positive involvement and achievements.

Are you somebody who puts thoughts into action?


The time to act is now.

Become a GCIF Ambassador of Change.

All you have to do is buy the number of shares you want here at check out, we will then issue your free shares equal to the numbers of shares you have purchased, and add them to your shareholder account at Capshare (our US partner, where all shares are held electronically).

You will receive an email with your order, invoice, and electronic stock certificate. All company documents will be uploaded to your shareholder account at Capshare.

Please click below and at the next web page and select your Client Investment Manager or Client Ambassador, and you are On Your Way to become a GCIF Ambassador and Investor...

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