GoGreen Portals

The GoGreen Incubation Center Objectives

At the heart of GIC is the ethos that business benefits the People and the Planet can add commercial value too and enhance Profits. What is required, is specific understanding, strategies and solutions to rise to challenges that impact start-ups as well as those that are unique to environmental and sustainability programs for all types of business and NGOs.

Businesses can fail if they do not get the right kind of support, tools and mentorship.
Sustainability projects can succeed if real solutions and support are available.
No business is and island. GIC provides a map, equipment and advice to navigate toward success.

Integrated solutions are applied with a holistic and customized think-tank approach through GIC:

  • Enabling start-ups with sustainable ideas to bring these to life in a commercial and non-commercial environment.
  • Providing a platform for innovation and to act as a catalyst for new ideas to be developed and mentored.
  • Creating a greenhouse of experienced mentors, business development tools and a valuable network of contacts for businesses and organizations to reach their true potential with sustainability at the core of their success
  • Fostering self-belief through a personalized support mechanism that inspires confidence on a project and personal level.
  • Bringing sharper focus to businesses to recognize their own individual strengths and to build on skills and abilities to achieve goals.
  • To act as a catalyst in accelerating the process for start-ups to seamlessly turn objectives into achievements through a mentored strategy-based approach.
  • Instigating strategic partnerships and networking opportunities through the pursuit of shared goals.
  • Attracting investors and fundraising streams for start-ups and SMEs through crowdfunding platforms as well as potential investment from the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF).
  • Providing technology solutions to pave the way to success for small businesses with integrated systems and advanced apps.
  • Showcasing environmentally focused businesses through a suite of marketing tools and strategies to bring attention to each start-up within GIC and their individual message, achievements and objectives.
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