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Start-up and SME Sustainability Project Support to Positively Impact Business Innovation, Conservation Success and the Triple Bottom Line.


What is the GoGreen Incubation Center

GoGreen Incubation Center (GIC) is an online support suite primarily for start-ups and established SMEs to initiate for-profit sustainability projects and businesses. GIC gives entrepreneurs access to experienced mentors, up-to-date fundraising mechanisms and contacts as well as cutting-edge business development tools and resources alongside a highly valuable international network.

GIC also works with non-profit organizations involved with sustainability goals with the same culture of creating efficiency through successful incubation to maximize impact and potential.

"87% of businesses that graduate from incubators since
inception are still in business"

National Business Incubation Association

A Cloud-based Platform for Business Success

GIC operate in the cloud a platform that creates the relevant environment, opportunities and capabilities for enterprises to realize their project aims, GIC is a collaborative think-tank with a holistic approach. The 360-degree strategies produced within GIC setting create a framework for success, with every aspect of establishing a successful sustainability start-up considered and accounted for.

GIC offers a range of interrelated and integrated services from technical assistance to strategic advice, marketing expertise and boosting recruitment potential. Where start-ups and developing SMEs, as well as NGOs, lack the resources to implement highly effective programs GIC can produce the right level and combination of resources to affect positive change with full support.

At the heart of GIC is the ethos that business that benefits the People and the Planet can add commercial value to and enhance Profits. What is required, is specific understanding, strategies and solutions to rise to challenges that affect start-ups as well as those that are unique to environmental and sustainability programs for all types of business and non-profit organization.


GIC focus on Southeast Asia, including international clients who want to enter the Southeast Market


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GoGreen Incubation Center welcomes sustainability-based start-ups and environmentally led organizations as well as established businesses looking to implement and integrate a sustainability project. 

The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and GoGreen Incubation Center support investment strategies with a high potential for financial return and maximum social, economic and environmental impact – creating breakthrough solutions to sustainability challenges that are coming to life through strategic partnerships based on shared goals.

Investments in the GIC Incubation companies take place when an incubation company has finalized its incubation program, and such investment has been approved by the board of GoGreen Credits Impact Fund.

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