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Start-ups that combine commercial interests with environmental objectives require initiative, drive and ambition to really power forward in a competitive world. Only then can they succeed and make a difference. Innovative ideas require funds, a platform to be expressed and the specialist skills and sophisticated tools to be set in motion in the right direction.

The GoGreen Incubation Center…
Incubates ideas so that they have a greater chance of survival and success
Nurtures those ideas so that they develop and realize their full potential

Start-ups set up with GIC can be run and developed with a solid strategy in place, expertise on hand and a solution-based suite of tools readily accessible. GIC enables green entrepreneurs to get started with their own business whilst also offering mentor and incubation services to non-profit organizations too.

Integrated solutions are applied with a holistic and customized think-tank approach through GIC:

  • Feasibility analysis from expert mentors.
  • Engaging start-ups in a stimulating environment that encourage business creativity.Sourcing funding for development and growth.
  • Tech tools to ensure smoother operations.
  • Creating a clear business mission and vision that sets pace and direction for the future.
  • Identifying required skills.
  • Setting manageable goals.
  • Providing a valuable soundboard as well as an advisory role.
  • Sourcing funding for development and growth.
  • Marketing services to enhance visibility.

Do you have a business idea that also benefits the environment?
Are you looking for a foothold to move your idea forward?
Would funding, expert advice and practical tools help to get your ideas off the ground?
Do you want valuable support to turn a promising idea into a worthwhile reality?

With resources, services and specific expertise, as well as strategic partners, project management, funding, legal and financial advice, start-ups with GIC have a strong support mechanism to flourish and succeed.

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