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Established SMES who want to initiate profitable sustainability projects and businesses require an interrelated and integrated suite of tools and skills to be able to seamlessly add to their portfolio of objectives as well as create independent sustainability business strands. This can require expert advice, an injection of funds and exposure through focused marketing.

The GoGreen Incubation Center…
Enables existing businesses to connect with a support mechanism to initiate growth.
A greenhouse of resources and tools is a hothouse of success that adds value to established SMEs.

Because GIC offers customized services, the individual operations and goals of an SME can easily be taken into consideration and accounted for when incorporating sustainability development. This means that new projects can be streamlined to enhance existing business assets and interests, bringing greater presence to each business as a whole. Non-profit organizations can also expand and grow with an add-on initiative or a new objective.

An SME can grow with GIC by:

  • Approaching growth from a holistic perspective which focuses on initiatives within the context of the wider business setup.
  • Being able to benefit from multi-faceted options for growth from a comprehensive think-tank of specialists and expert mentors.
  • Attracting additional funding through specialist sustainability investment platforms..
  • Upgrading and improving tech tools so projects can segue into main business operations.
  • Specialist marketing tools that advance the presence of projects digitally..
  • Managing recruitment and projects so that key personnel is in place.

Initiating sustainability development within an existing business framework brings its own unique rewards, growth potential and challenges. GIC provide a flexible mechanism in which growth is stimulated and encouraged in ideal conditions in which it can adapt and respond to changes within markets, industries and individual companies.

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