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The concept of being solely profit-driven in business today is linear to the point of being outmoded, unsustainable and unmarketable. This is especially the case for SMEs and start-ups wanting to create a positive image and meet end-consumer expectations of Responsible Business ethics, not to mention create a market presence.

Commercial viability is far from being a murky concept to the GoGreen Entrepreneur. On the contrary, the framework for the GoGreen Incubation Center (GIC) is offering a wide range of sustainability incubation services and support to profit-driven businesses and social entrepreneur focused on sustainability projects. Learn more about the sectors we are working in.

Alongside the morality and marketing message of being environmentally active and aware, there are also many entrepreneurs who appreciate that business ideas that protect the Planet and People can also lead to healthy Profits too. In fact, sustainability is key to the success of many businesses, particularly in a fast-moving, ever-evolving digital landscape where relationships between customers and companies are about engagement, interaction and integrated benefits for all.

Benefits of Being a GoGreen Entrepreneur

Capitalism with a conscience or a conscience that creates sustainable profits, whatever the motivation, becoming a GoGreen Entrepreneur is about making a difference to the world whilst boosting commercial success too. A GoGreen Entrepreneur benefits the environment and communities, receiving greater marketing attention and visibility on the level-playing field of online presence. For start-ups, the attraction of green ideas is their scope and potential in a world focused on future survival. Alongside this, investors are also attracted to green investments which promise ROI growth with an environmentally aware organization.

What Being Part of the GoGreen Incubation Center Means

Green ideas are often innovative and because of this, there is a real need for sustainability businesses to tap into specialist support from experienced mentors and gain access to specialized tools and platforms. Whilst any business is more likely to succeed with an incubation program, GIC specializes in businesses with a green agenda.

GIC provides fundraising support, accessing potential funds from the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and other platforms whilst helping strategize fundraising efforts. Business development expertise includes personalized mentorship and connection to relevant networks and partners as well as legal, financial and business advice. Software systems provide cutting-edge technical infrastructure and apps to equip each GIC GoGreen Entrepreneur with modern-day tools to gain momentum quickly. Meanwhile, marketing includes a dedicated S-ShowCase micro-website and creative content solutions.

Any business success is about identifying manageable goals, setting a workable strategy and utilizing the right platforms and tools to reach the best market possible. Being a GoGreen Entrepreneur also requires this attention to detail and adds an extra layer of interest and marketing potential as well as making a difference and creating a legacy to be proud of; a business pioneer that understands how life, the world in which we all live and enterprise are all inherently interconnected. GIC joins the dots and provides the roadmap to GoGreen Entrepreneur success.

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