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It begin at Sea in The Gulf of Thailand


At the end of 2012, Finn Hyttel, our Founder, CEO & Managing Partner decided to devote his time to tackling some of the environmental and social challenges the world is facing. The idea of GoGreen Credits and GoGreen Portals first came to him whilst out kayaking off the coast of Koh Samui in Thailand.

October 2012

Business and Technical Developments


GoGreen Portals Group Limited Incorporated


The GoGreen Portals Group Team and our Ambassadors are a tight-knit family of visionaries and entrepreneurs; aquaculture experts; operations and project managers; editors; correspondents and copywriters; designers and innovators; operations and project managers; bankers and investors; web gurus and code warriors; from diverse backgrounds who are driven to be a part of the solution. Our international business network is extensive and penetrates a broad range of industries.

22 May 2015

Beta Launch


New Website and Web Portal.

August 2015

Partnership with Microsoft


Under our partnership with Microsoft, we developed GoGreen Office 365, Gateway to the Green Cloud - a cloud-based solution integrating GoGreen Portals services with Microsoft Office 365 as well as several other Microsoft products. GoGreen Office 365 is also a part of the GoGreen Incubation Center.

February 2016

Partnership with SherWeb


Canada-based SherWeb Inc. is our ISP to the Green and Sustainable Cloud at GoGreen Portals and the GoGreen Incubation Center with 98% of the electricity at the SherWeb Green Data Centers powered by renewable hydropower harnessed from the abundant fast-flowing rivers of Quebec.

March 2016

Launch of the GoGreen Incubation Center


Start-up and SME sustainability project support to positively impact business innovation, conservation success and the Triple Bottom Line; GoGreen Incubation Center (GIC) gives entrepreneurs access to experienced mentors, up-to-date fundraising mechanisms and contacts as well as cutting-edge business development tools and resources alongside a highly valuable international network. GIC focuses on Southeast Asia, including international clients who want to enter the Southeast Asian market.

August 2016

First Incubation Client - AquaBlue


AquaBlue Group is focusing on development and operation of sustainable land-based aquaculture farms in Southeast Asia including Thailand, is set up at the GoGreen Incubation Center. The initial farms will be established in Thailand and replicated and rolled out in various key locations within Southeast Asia as part of AquaBlue Group and their international scaling strategy.

October 2016

Incorporation of GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reefs Conservation


Non-profit projects that support, protect and help restore healthy marine ecosystems, creating sustainable tourism destinations and inspiring positive change and action for the survival of the seas and oceans, marine life and the communities who depend on them.

January 2017

Incorporation of the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund


GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) is essentially a value-based investment channel and platform targeting investment in for-profit environmental and social impact commercial companies operating in Southeast Asia. Investments are also made in selected companies, people and projects through the GoGreen Incubation Center with the potential to become a portfolio company of the GCIF.

February 2017

Second Incubation Client - Serranidae Enterprises


Grouper is a highly sought-after fish, particularly in the luxury seafood market. Illegal spawning, aggregation fishing and over-fishing of the grouper have led to 12% of groupers being under the threat of extinction (IUNC). The initial land-based grouper fish farms will be established in Thailand, and replicated and rolled out in various key locations within Southeast Asia.

May 2017

Incorporation of AquaBlue Group Inc.


AquaBlue Group is finalizing eight months of incubation at the GoGreen Incubation Center, and is ready for its commercial-roll-out in Thailand of land-based aquaculture farms in Thailand to supply markets in Hong Kong and mainland China.

June 2017

Partnership with Capshare


At the heart of the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) are our shareholders' interests and professional processes that are transparent and compliant. US-based Capshare hosts our online cap tables and shares administration for GCIF and our portfolio companies. Our shareholders have access to their shareholder accounts and the cap table they belong to, direct from the Investor Portal at the GoGreen Portals website.

June 2017

Partnership with Cornerstone


Cornerstone is the fund administrator of the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund. The company provides outsourced CFO, accounting, funds and back-office administration services to fund managers, venture capital managers and private equity firms. They handle our financial reporting to the fund’s limited partners; capital call preparation and management; preparation of U.S. GAAP fund financial statements and footnotes; investment funding and coordination with our investment companies; investment portfolio tracking and reporting; fund treasury management; and external audit and tax return coordination.

July 2017

GoGreen Credits Impact Fund Ambassadors - Positively Shaping the Future


Currently, 14 GoGreen Credits Impact Fund Ambassadors have joined us, with more to follow over the next two months. Every GoGreen Credits Impact Fund Ambassador is an invaluable voice in delivering a vital message on the importance of investing in sustainability. The role of a GCIF Ambassador is to stimulate awareness, interest and interaction with the fund, portfolio companies and individual projects to initiate engagement and action that is ultimately impactful and sustainable.

August 2017

GoGreen Portals Group Facebook Reach 125,000 Followers and Likes

August 2017

Sustainability Aquaculture Online Marketplace Beta Testing Begins


GoGreen Portals Group will launch in 2018 and sell partners and aquaculture farm products. In 2019 we will also start to sell our aquaculture portfolio companies sustainable land-based produced products, such as sustainable sea cucumbers and grouper fish. The target groups are B2B and B2C. The marketplace will use the GoGreen Credits blockchain cryptocurrency and the GoGreen Credits loyalty reward program with bonus tokens.

September 2017

The First Sustainable Land-Based Fish Farm Project


We will move our first recirculating aquaculture systems (RAS) land-based indoor sustainable fish farm project, forward in cooperation with our final strategic partners for our fish farms projects in Thailand. This first fish farm will be our pilot project, fish production, and research and development center in Koh Samui, Thailand.

Februar 2018

Crowdfunding in the US


GoGreen Credits Partners LLC, our US-based fund company, will start crowdfunding in 2018 at one of the leading US crowdfunding platforms. The funding will be used as investments in our portfolio companies.


The GoGreen Credits Blockchain Technology and ICO


We want to replace the technology behind GoGreen Credits, our present virtual currency and loyalty program with the blockchain technology. Blockchain payment system platform for our online aquaculture marketplace, online Learning Management System and the Sustainability Network (S-Network). The plan is to launch our Initial Coin Offering (ICO) legally registered with the SEC authorities. The funding from the ICO will be invested in the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and from here we will invest in our present and future portfolio companies and our technical developments. GoGreen Credits will be listed at exchanges for trading, using multiple currency gateways, including BTC, USD and EUR.

Future Plan

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