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The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund portfolio of companies are continuously evolving and expanding, with plans to broaden their reach across Southeast Asia; progressively offering investors diverse opportunities and creating positive change.

One of our two leading investment platforms is aquaculture and aquaponics, which provide viable solutions to the depletion of the world’s oceans and devastation to global coral reefs. Land-based fish farming and technologies are fast becoming a necessity and are gaining momentum in the areas of larger companies and industry, science, research and development and marine conservation.


The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund Investment Portfolios Currently Comprises of:


  • Sustainable Aquaculture
  • Sustainable Aquaponics 
  • Farming Facilities and Technologies
  • Aquaculture Feed
  • Sustainable Tourism
  • Sea and Ocean Sustainability
  • Green Tech
  • Green Entrepreneurs
  • Sustainable Land and Property Development


GCIF provides capital to both mainstream and underserved markets focused on profit-driven sustainability that promise attractive ROIs across a portfolio of approved businesses to minimize investment risk.

Assessment of investment opportunities involves a stringent analysis of potential portfolio companies through an integrated Impact Scorecard system that creates an in-depth breakdown of the social and environmental strategy and impact of each business. Market insights alongside business and project forecasting reveal the potential returns on each investment prospect.

We assess the expertise of the executive personnel behind all assets and services, calculating any return or risk hurdles. We compare prospective returns with like-for-like investments, analyze each organization’s track record and competitive advantage in order to identify and optimize financing mechanisms and pinpoint financial targets.

GCIF encourages all portfolio companies to become B Corporations and we support the process of becoming B-Corp certificated. This ensures that the investment’s social and environmental purpose is also certified. Alongside this certification, GCIF utilizes its specially created Impact Scorecard to provide further analysis to develop a workable strategy to maximize this positive sustainability impact during the life-term of the investment. Any assets or services that impact the society and the environment negatively according to the GCIF Impact Scorecard, regardless of profitability potential, are not eligible to benefit from GCIF investment.

As well as developing clear exit strategies the long-term prospects for economic, social and environmental benefits from investment are investigated; the legacy of sustainability investment with GCIF.

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