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Our Balanced and Impact Scorecards

We will soon be able to introduce our new online balanced scorecard, which will ensure our investors, the management of our portfolio companies and other stakeholders are on the same page, working within a measurable and comparative framework

The balanced scorecard will improve the internal and external communication of the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund its portfolio companies. By monitoring the performance of our fund and companies against strategic and financial goals, and align business activities to the vision and mission under the GoGreen Credits umbrella organization and brand.

  • Investments with GoGreen Credits Impact Fund are aimed at redressing the balance and inspiring positive change to improve the quality of life and the environmental status of our marine ecosystems as well as participating in the development of sustainable tourist destinations and ultimately the world in which we all live.
  • Our investments promote social equity, supporting politically stable societies and strong economies.
  • We are committed to comprehensively tracking and reporting upon the social and environmental performance of the investments that we manage across asset classes. We design custom indicators to measure outputs and outcomes for each investment, and we also draw upon industry standards such as the IRIS catalog, Future-Fit Business Benchmark and UN SDGs all three of generally accepted performance metrics that leading impact investors use to identify appropriate and useful indicators to measure social, environmental and financial success.

challenge sustainability showcase impact 


Includes an overview of the main sustainability issues at stake with a focus on factors at risk, under threat or endangered; an appraisal of the localized situation and a wider view in terms of geography, industry and environmental, social and economic impacts; insights into causal effects and the connectivity of individuals and organizations and their actions; and any narrative revealing the culture, history and context of any negative issues plus any fact-based projections of their future status.

solution sustainability showcase impact 


Includes an overview of the company's business plan, status and targets; positive impacts; and the company's action relating to the Challenge/Problem issues on an environmental, social and economic level with reference to any research, evidence and data to highlight purpose and explain potential and outcome probability regarding goals and expectations.

Innovation sustainability showcase impact


Includes innovative ideas, approaches and the company's USPs; advancements in science, research and technology, including the Internet of Things and digital progression that are being utilized; any new or innovative strategies, systems and production processes; and the use of alternative concepts or environments with an explanation of the value of implementing any innovative elements as opposed to traditional models, measures and methodologies.

execute sustainability showcase impact

Ability To Execute

Includes information on resource requirements such as land and utility use and any specified compliance certifications and environmental assessments; data on operational climate and conditions along with calculated impact; quality control measures alongside monitoring, evaluation and assessment processes; project management, health and safety reporting and risk management; the creation and maintenance of a sustainable value chain; current and future investment potential; and details regarding interaction with stakeholders, third parties and strategic partners.

scaling sustainability showcase impact

International Scaling

Includes the current geographical area covered by the company which forecasts for physical expansion, replication and roll-out as well as location growth over the short term and long term. Considers any additional challenges or exacerbated issues that need to be addressed and outlines the approach to be taken; outlines additional positive impacts or the effect of an increased scale of positive results and reaching set targets; and highlights the potential development of the company as a whole.

ecological sustianability showcase impact

Impact On Ecology

Includes information on the positive environmental impact of the company; any pollution-reduction and/or non-polluting processes; carbon footprint minimization; utilization and/or creation of renewable energy sources; any environmentally conscious water use; use of sustainably sourced produce and natural assets; and how the company promotes conservation and protection of the environment, biodiversity, ecosystems and all life forms whilst acknowledging any limitations or impacts that negate positive outcomes.

social sustainability showcase impact

Social Impact

Includes factors such as the creation of alternative employment opportunities with safe conditions in a healthy environment with a focus on welfare; the creation of sustainable livelihoods and a boost to the morale and confidence of individuals and communities; any training and certification for skill development and involvement in communitywide projects and organizations; any impact on the creation of new industries adding to the diversity of a locale; and any socio-economic and environmental impact on emerging economies and developing communities through planning, development and societal engagement.

economy sustainability showcase impact

Impact On Economy

Includes potential returns on investment (ROIs) both short-term and long-term; profit forecasts (in confidence); the impact on the economy locally, nationally, regionally and internationally with increased economic freedoms and fair-pay livelihoods; potential to stimulate local enterprise and generate related income streams in both vertical and horizontal markets; ability to act as a catalyst for new business and industries and build up the local skill base and boost employment opportunities; and the prospect of attracting investment to new business ventures, industries and locations by creating greater diversity.

cultural sustainability showcase impact

Impact On Culture

Includes how the project relates and interacts with local heritage, culture and customs through awareness and sensitivity; highlighting any aspects that support the survival of the culture of communities and promote greater understanding and learning within a cultural context; and any actions and strategies that stimulate greater pride, appreciation and positive action in relation to culture and communities.

political sustainability showcase impact

Impact On Politics

Includes how a company engages with stakeholders and the impact of the message, vision, goals and strategies adopted; dialogues created between networks and stakeholders on a local, national, regional and international level; the awareness that is raised and any direct or indirect action and results alongside any consultancy, advisory and/or coordination role in affecting strategy development and policy change on a governmental and nongovernmental level; and a consideration of an organization’s ethical corporate philosophy and culture.




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