GoGreen Portals

Online Cap Tables & Shareholder Accounts

Shareholder Portals, Share Tracking, Account Statements and Scenarion Modelling

At the heart of the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund are our shareholder's interests and professional processes that are transparent and compliant.

US-based Capshare hosts our online cap tables and shares administration for the fund and our portfolio companies.

GoGreen Credits Impact Fund manage all our equity in one place without getting bogged down in spreadsheets and paperwork. Capshare is trusted by over 5,000 companies, investors, and lawyers.

Our shareholders have access to their shareholder accounts and the cap table they belong to, direct from the Investor Portal at the GoGreen Portals website.

Our partnership with Capshare enables shares to be issued online and more efficient. Investments are compliant with ISO regulations, Rule 701 and ASC 718 and ASC 820 for valuations, amongst others; leading to the creation of a more streamlined, easily accessible and workable investment relationship with modern equity management.

Portfolio Company Equity Data

Real time updates from our portfolio companies means we are always working with the most current information available.

Electronic Shares and Options in Seconds

All our shares and options are digital and sent by email to our shareholders.

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