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We support investment strategies with a high potential for financial return and maximum social, economic and environmental impact – creating breakthrough solutions to sustainability challenges that are being given the opportunity to come to fruition through strategic partnerships based on shared goals.

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An impact investment in the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund promises an innovative capital opportunity which affords good security, minimal risk and an attractive ROI profile. 

Impact investment IS NOT… compromising profits and sacrificing returns in the name of a good cause…giving money away…simply a CSR and marketing exercise…a decision that lacks commercial and business value…focused on the short term impact.

Impact Investment IS… creating social and environmental benefits and profits with robust ROIs in the name of a good cause…investing in ongoing projects with high-potential financial returns…CSR and marketing that positively impacts the Triple Bottom Line of People, Planet and Profits…a commercially valuable responsible business decision…focused on long-term sustainability and continued impact strategy.

Invest to Create a Social and Environmental Impact.

Impact investment is about investing in sustainability. Investing in ‘profit-at-all-cost’ ventures that negatively affect valuable resources and negate a responsibility to the environment and communities is no longer considered a viable investment solution.

Investors who value socially and environmentally responsible business approaches and actions are future-focused and understand the scope, potential, and necessity of 360° investment strategies.

At the same time, investors understand that linear donations cannot inspire the same level of returns as ‘for-profit’ impact investment that can leverage more capital as well as more diverse capital injections; and more impactful solutions and investments in social and environmental issues.

The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund investment opportunities are presented after in-depth research, impact potential assessment and profit-potential analysis, with a clear and transparent impact-investment valuation system.

Impact investment enables investors to change the world by investing in one sustainability solution at a time.

Become an Impact Investor.

Impact investment appeals to individuals, organizations and businesses that appreciate the value of purposeful profitability; the value of making a positive impact in the world while adding to the capital health of themselves and sustainability ventures which push forward new and innovative ideas and best practice for the benefit of all.

Values-based investment can be profitable just as a profitable investment can incorporate positive social and environmental impact.

Sustainable impact investment in sustainability projects unlocks potential and creates value. Today, everyone has a responsibility to ensure they are connected with the world in which we all live and each other; ensuring that invaluable resources and protected. With this approach, investments are long-sighted, asset-protecting and make business sense on both a commercial and ethical level.

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