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Sustainable Impact Investments in Southeast Asia

Investments with the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund are aimed at development of positive change to improve quality of life, and developing sustainable tourism destinations, and the environmental status of our marine ecosystems and ultimately the world in which we all live.



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Impact Investment

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Our Impact

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The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) supports investment strategies with a high potential for financial return and maximum social, economic and environmental impact; creating breakthrough solutions to sustainability challenges that are being given the opportunity to come to fruition through strategic partnerships based on shared goals.

GCIF is incorporated by GoGreen Portals Group as a way of forging strategic partnerships, creating strong relationships and fostering shared goals with sustainability initiators and those who want to invest to make a difference.

GCIF is essentially a value based investment channel and platform targeting investment in ‘for-profit’ environmental and social impact commercial companies operating in Southeast Asia. Investment are also made in selected companies, people and projects through the GoGreen Incubation Center with the potential to become a portfolio company of the GCIF.

Impact investment today for a better future.

Everyone can invest with the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund from as little as US$10 to large-scale investments. This includes individuals, families, institutional investors, corporations, funds and foundations.



gogreen credits impact investment


Impact Investing

Impact investing combines the best of both capital and value-based investment principles to create a triple bottom line – excellent financial, social and environmental returns.

Investing without considering social and environmental impact is non-sustainable. Economies cannot thrive if the resources essential to their growth – vital communities and a living environment – are treated as independent external factors.

Investors can now choose managed assets that do not just make money but add value to economies, environment and communities — today, tomorrow and for future generations.

We look for clear exits and investment prospects for long-term economic, social and environmental legacies.

What We Believe

The ‘non-profit’ model is outdated: donations alone do not result in enough real change for those causes that really need it. Pouring money into a problem, cause or economic hardship does not solve it. Instead, we believe in using a holistic ‘business for change’ model, by leveraging our resources, knowledge and connections to create real and lasting solutions to core social and environmental challenges.

The outcome? Not only do our investors receive a positive return within a short cycling time, but their investment directly impacts on the lives of others and the environment.

Rather than donations, we use impactful investments, and instead of adopting a non-profit solution that is too far removed from addressing real issues effectively, we give the power back to the People.



Without coral reefs, we could lose up to a quarter of the world’s marine biodiversity
and hundreds of millions of the world’s poorest people would lose their primary source of food and livelihoods.
We must not allow this to happen.

 — Michael R. Bloomberg, UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Cities and Climate Change


Our Impact

What are the Benefits of GoGreen Credits Sustainability Investments?


gogreen credits impact fund healthy rois and seas fit for life


GoGreen Credits Marine Life and Coral Reef Conservation projects are designed for our seas and oceans to be ‘Fit for Life’ and these non-profit projects are funded by the profit-driven-sustainability portfolio companies and GoGreen Credits Impact Fund. In other words, parts of the profits are used to bring about positive marine environmental benefits and change.  


Social and environmental protection

People and Planet benefit from conservation aimed at marine sustainability which impacts the survival and livelihoods of communities as well as the health of oceans and wider environmental concerns.


Return on investment is a cornerstone of creating strategic investments for commercially driven sustainability success.

Long-term income

Sustainability is about ongoing maintenance for the future and this involves profits and a certain level of benefits, both financially and environmentally.

Enhanced brand image and reputation

Responsible business practice is an important factor in consumer spending choices and brand loyalty, particularly in the travel and tourism industry.

Focused CSR efforts

A transparent, monitored and accountable avenue to achieve profitable Corporate Social Responsibility can have a real impact.

Stronger stakeholder relationships

Positive action that benefits organizations, the wider community and environment as a whole in a direct way is exactly what stakeholders are seeking.

Attractive HR recruitment profile

Potential employees are increasingly valuing those companies and organizations that value and practice Responsible Business.

Strategic partner networks

Investors can connect and create valuable relationships and partnerships with individuals, businesses and organizations with shared values and interests.

Increase in potential revenue streams

Improvement of marine environments enables the growth and development of secondary, add-on initiatives which also boost profits and are environmentally beneficial.

Improvement of destination profiles

Beach and marine areas where conservation is paramount are more attractive as destinations for travelers and investors.

Stimulus for business environments

An increased interest and benefit to oceans and marine life can act as a catalyst to stimulate local enterprise.

Raising awareness of marine issues and industry change

Ignorance and lack of interest which can lead to harmful actions from individuals and businesses is questioned and put under the spotlight to encourage positive change.

Marketing benefits

The marketing potential for environmental interaction and involvement in sustainability projects is vast and can be showcased via GoGreen Portals website, as well as through digital marketing channels such as websites and social media platforms.

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