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gogreen credits branding umbrella


To accomplish our mission, GoGreen Credits was created as a branding umbrella and virtual currency to support our Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Projects. 

GoGreen Credits is financed by funds from a fixed percentage of the profits from GGIF and its portfolio companies, GoGreen Portals, and companies under the GoGreen Credits Umbrella.

Every active company, partner, NGO, client, wholesale seafood buyer, tourism destination and stakeholder, including hotels, resorts, restaurants, tour operators and consumers, can earn virtual GoGreen Credits that may be converted to ‘Dollars for Sustainability’ by simply redeeming them through the online GoGreen Credits Exchange

Donors nominate the projects they would like to donate their GoGreen Credits to from those listed on GoGreen-Portals.com and social media and select how many credits they would like to redeem.

The amount is then released in US Dollars to the selected marine conservation projects at the current GoGreen Credits exchange rate. Thereafter, the donation is transferred into an escrow account from where it is donated in the name of the donor to their chosen Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Project.

Donations are published at GoGreen-Portals.com and all websites and mobile apps under the GoGreen Credits Umbrella, as well as our wide media and social networks, and can be published on the donor’s own website and social media channels as well.

GoGreen Credits provides full transparency with all GoGreen Credits accounts accessible to everyone involved as well as the public and independent auditors.

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