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Investor Opportunities to Fund Green Commercial Initiatives: GoGreen Credits Impact Fund Focuses on Triple Bottom Line ROIs

Investor Opportunities to Fund Green Commercial Initiatives: 
GoGreen Credits Impact Fund Focuses on Triple Bottom Line ROIs

Investors are being given an opportunity to invest in commercial ventures whilst saving the world at the same time with GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF); an attractive option for those who understand that sustainable multi-faceted investments that incorporate the Planet and People, as well as Profits, can yield greater returns. Commercial viability can not only be linked to environmental goals but can actually be boosted by a green agenda; a 360-degree investment approach that recognizes the importance of businesses in addressing sustainability issues to thrive in a corporate world.

Business platforms are fast-becoming more integrated, more accountable and more aware of how green investments can enhance opportunities for investors, entrepreneurs, communities and the environment.

GCIF, is a international fund, which invests in an approved portfolio of companies that are commercially driven with sustainability goals at heart. The focus of the Fund is on marine ecosystem restoration and protection projects such as the development of profitable aquaculture sites and tourism destination businesses that benefit the environment.

Investors inherently become pioneers of green business, enabling innovative sustainability ideas to launch and promoting the concept that sustainability is fast-becoming a vital key to business development rather than a simple add-on. Green action enables profitability to grow.

GCIF businesses also benefit from online mentorship, expert advice and digital tools and marketing afforded by access to GoGreen Incubation Center (GIC). Alongside this, a percentage of profits from GCIF are channeled into non-profit Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Projects.

GCIF investors are business catalysts who benefit from enhanced revenue streams and long-term income, strategic partner networks, greater marketing potential, stronger stakeholder relationships and an increased impact on Responsible Business in industries such as travel and tourism.


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