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December 2017 and January 2018 GoGreen Credits Impact Fund Pre-Share Sales Promotion


Investments That Shape The Future

Imagine an opportunity where you could really make a positive impact; an impact that benefits the Planet and People across the globe, whilst bringing you Profits from investing in the future. Imagine putting your voice to a global cause by becoming an Ambassador of change.

Now imagine investing in for-profit sustainability businesses that offer workable solutions to some of the environmental challenges facing the world today whilst focusing on commercial aims.

The GoGreen Credits Impact Fund (GCIF) invest in innovative portfolio companies across Southeast Asia that are focused on environmental and social sustainability goals and high-yield ROIs, with a particular emphasis on aquaculture, aquaponics, sustainable tourist destinations, sustainable land and property development and marine regeneration.

Investments in the GCIF start from as little as USD 10 and individuals and companies who become Ambassadors can take advantage of a buy-one-get-one-free Ambassador share promotion during December 2017 and January 2018. Meanwhile, VIP Investors will receive a 20% discount when purchasing from 1 up to 100 shares, 30% on 101-200 shares and 40% on purchases of over 201 shares.

As well as direct investments, Ambassadors can earn shares by introducing new Ambassadors and selling shares to them as well as to other investors. They can also boost shares through online activities. As well an S-Leaders Portal Membership with access to digital and social media online platforms to boost personal, professional and company presence.

Your personal and professional reputation, standing and networks can all benefit from your role as a GCIF Ambassador. Creating a positive legacy, leading by example and showing that you are a proactive leader who believes in the ability of individuals to join forces to shape the future are all powerful attributes; revealing a can-do-will-do attitude and a proactive approach to problem-solving that makes a difference.

With part of the profits of the GCIF and its portfolio companies being directed towards non-profit GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation projects, the holistic strategy for change becomes part of a sustainable system.

As you can see from our Timeline, since the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund was incorporated in February 2017, two portfolio companies have been established to date; AquaBlue Group is focusing on development and operation of sustainable land-based aquaculture farms in Southeast Asia including Thailand. As well as sustainable land-based grouper fish farming with Serranidae Enterprises, which will start the construction of its first fish farm in Thailand within the first quarter of 2018. Both of these companies got a valuable kickstart acceleration from the GoGreen Incubation Center and will be operated by experts in their fields who are experienced in the industry and penetrating lucrative markets.

The GCIF, which has partnered with US-based Capshare hosts our online cap tables and shares administration and US-based Cornerstone for is the fund administration, is currently targeting relevant crowdfunding platforms in the US and setting in motion the launch of an Initial Coin Offering of the GoGreen Credits Coin. For would-be GCIF Ambassadors, the December 2017 and January 2018 share special is part of that supercharged trajectory to push forward toward success. Investors can also benefit by being part of the process early enough to be rewarded with these extra privileges.

With 14 Ambassadors standing up and being counted, the present added value Pre-Share Sales Scheme is already attracting investors who understand the potential of impact investments for the future benefit of all.


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