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Will Myanmar Be Spoiled By Her Suitors?

Will Myanmar Be Spoiled By Her Suitors?

As Myanmar reaches for the stars of economic and human rights freedoms, conservationists stay grounded about the real environmental risks and challenges facing a country on the brink of fast and furious change.

From two million in 2013 to an anticipated five million in 2015, Myanmar’s visitor numbers confirm the galloping momentum of tourism hitting this resource-rich South East Asian nation. Once ‘shut off’ from the world due to the stronghold of the military junta, Myanmar is entering a brave new world of potential, and all environmentalists’ eyes are looking on, albeit through their fingers. Myanmar’s Unprotected Beauty Only 5% of the natural habitat of Indo-Burma remains, making it one of the most at-risk biodiversity hotspots in the world, with deforestation at critical levels.

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