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Accion International

56 Roland St, Boston 02129, Massachusetts, United States


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Vision and Strategy

Our Mission

Our mission is to give people the financial tools they need to improve their lives.

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a financially inclusive world with access to economic opportunity for all. 

Our Belief

We believe in a financially inclusive world—one in which every individual can seize the opportunity to access a full range of high-quality, affordable financial services. Through access, each person we serve can capitalize on his or her own capability and drive to achieve real economic gains—and build brighter futures for themselves and their families.

Our Strategy

We are building the next generation of top-tier microfinance institutions (MFIs):

  • Using our 50 years of experience to help smaller MFIs achieve greater scale, sustainability and efficiency;
  • Helping MFIs expand their products and services to address their clients’ full range of needs; and
  • Focusing on un- and under-served regions, such as India, China, Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa.

We are pushing the frontiers of financial inclusion beyond MFIs:

  • Accelerating the development of new business models, technologies and channels; and
  • Providing seed funding and assistance for promising start-ups and adjacent technologies through impact investment initiatives.

We are helping to build a strong financial inclusion industry with high standards and broad engagement:

  • Redoubling industry commitment to consumer protection through the Smart Campaign;
  • Providing platforms for industry collaboration, through the Microfinance CEO Working Group, the Red Accion, and the Financial Inclusion Equity Council; and 
  • Promoting consumer protection, transparency, and social-performance measurement by working on initiatives such as the Social Performance Task Force, Microfinance Transparency, and others.
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56 Roland St, Boston 02129, Massachusetts, United States

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