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3R Group Limited

4156 Hastings St N, Hastings PO Box 1216, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand


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We see waste as an opportunity for both environmental and economic benefit.

And we’re passionate about helping businesses help their customers responsibly dispose of used products and packaging.

Combine these with expertise in bringing together individual businesses, industry and government to find innovative outcomes for waste, and it’s a recipe for some seriously good product stewardship solutions.

Whether the “waste” in question can be reused, recycled or requires safe disposal, we offer our resourceful thinking to industry, here and abroad, applying existing ideas where appropriate or collaborating with others to create innovative new solutions.

We believe helping clients take responsibility for their products at the end of their life can mitigate environmental harm and provide improved resource efficiency through the recycling or reuse of materials.

Stewardship activity can also trigger other economic benefits such as winning new customers, gaining entry to new markets, employment opportunities, or creating new products from recovered materials.

Most importantly, in today’s competitive and environmentally conscious markets, it can solve a key problem for customers: how to responsibly dispose of unwanted products.

To “live well and within the limits of the planet” as outlined by Vision2050, businesses need to take this wasted opportunity now, and benefit from the chance to add value and create wealth from waste for both their shareholders and New Zealand as a whole.

We want our solutions to improve your business. As you succeed and grow, so will we.

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4156 Hastings St N, Hastings PO Box 1216, Hawke's Bay, New Zealand

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