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GreenWood Forest Park

GreenWood Forest Par GreenWood Forest Park, Y Felinheli LL56 4QN, United Kingdom, United Kingdom


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Ever since we opened in 1993, being environmentally friendly has always been our mission.

Every year, we make consistent efforts to minimise the negative effects on the environment and maximise the positive.

Did you know?

  • Many of our food and drink containers are biodegradable.
  • Our used cooking oil is processed into biodiesel.
  • Our cardboard goes to an Anglesey company for recycling.
  • We recycle all our office waste paper.
  • We have planted an average of over 500 trees each year since we opened in 1993. The total number to date is over 10,000 trees, and we continue to plant more every year.
  • We harvest 130 cubic metres of rainwater each year and use it for flushing toilets.

In February 2010, GreenWood was listed by The Guardian’s ‘Green Travel List’ as one of the 7 top green attractions in the world.

Wildlife at GreenWood

Wildlife surveys at GreenWood indicate we have a growing range of native flora, as well as different birds and invertebrates using the site. The bio-diversity of the site has increased significantly since we opened in 1993.
We continue to work hard in this area and ….

  • Every year, we undertake pro-active tree planting, coppicing, bramble control, pond construction and habitat creation
  • We have many bird boxes dotted around the Park to encourage our native birds to breed here.
  • Otters have visited GreenWood in the past, perhaps looking for food or for somewhere to make a home. To encourage them to return we have built them a new home, known as a holt.
  • Throughout the year many fascinating types of fungi are spotted at GreenWood. During a Fungus Foray in October 2008, a diverse list of almost 90 species of Fungi was gathered in little more than an hour by approximately 30 foragers. Another Fungus Foray was carried out in November 2012, to see the list of all the types that were found click here.
  • We are bronze members of the North Wales Wildlife Trust who said “We are proud to have GreenWood Forest Park as bronze members and to be working with them to make their amazing eco-park an even better place for wildlife!”
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GreenWood Forest Par GreenWood Forest Park, Y Felinheli LL56 4QN, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

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