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A Unique Beautiful Adventure

Finca Andijar Finca Andijar Spain 29440 , Spain 29440, Spain, Spain


Business Details

Your holiday starts here , nestled in the Serrania de Ronda mountains ; Boutique luxury camping , luxurious and extremely spacious ; Sleeping under the stars and be at one with nature , peace and tranquillity , this is a small niche small farm holding for only two  " intrigued "
Accommodation type / Special touches
Comfort and freedom the ultimate bell tent experience     Extremely luxurious , 5 m  in diameter ; This space can be whatever you like , a romantic space , get close to nature , if you wish , you can roll up the sides and let in the cool mountain breeze .
The accommodation sits on a terrace , part shaded by oaks , looking over the mountains , the interior has every thing you need , A double bed , made up with soft cotton sheets , deep filled pillows , summer duvet and bed spread , A chandelier lights up the internal space , rugs to the floor . Inside entertainment , Harman Kardon i pod dock  , and to catch up with world events , S K y  television , a British standard  socket , for any laptop , or mobile phones , or for any low  voltage applications , and finally for cool refreshment , a mini bar .


The Little Things
Bathroom Facilities
 ; are a hop , skip , jump , away  Located in the main building , L e d s light the area  illuminated mirror , Hot and cold running spring water  push button flushing toilet , small sink , glass screen shower unit , Fresh towels are provided daily .

Bits and Bobs
Breakfast is included
, you don`t have to go Spanish , you can have the best of both worlds , you  can have a continental breakfast ; freshly squeezed orange juice , tea , coffee , fresh fruit  , freshly baked croissant / or toast  ; or a cooked breakfast . 

Outside space

Enjoy this rural secluded setting , the decked area is perfect for Alfresco dining and wonderful views of the mountains day or night .
This is a great place to spend time at night to be mesmerised by the stars . the terrace area is gated and fenced , in summer the wild boar roam outside the fenced area , snuffling for roots , nuts and sweet figs
The main terrace level has borders full of shrubs  oleanders , yuccas , prickly pears , coco palms , and agaves , a deep quilted carpet of grass , a great chilling out area , all you want to do , is sit back and watch the word go by in the still of the day .

The Serrania de ronda

Welcome to Andulica , This is for the adventurous , the area is dramatic , limestone outcrops  steeped in rich cultural natural , and historical heritage  its wild and untamed , worlds apart from the coast  , which many never see ; wild flowers in the spring , herbs , Lush green valleys of sweet chestnut and oak , stretching as far as the eye can see ; crystal clear waters , streams and hidden lagoons ; There are networks of paths , tracks and roads that criss cross  , and connect  seven white washed villages of the upper genal valley .


The Serrania de Ronda is located in the middle of two national parks , sierra de Las Nieves a Unesco reserve , and Sierrade Grazaleme , in such a small area the landscapes are quite diverse ; Lets take a short drive to Cueva de Gato , in the week on a hot steamy day  , the chances are you will not see a sole , a blue lagoon , Take the road from Ronda to San Pedro , the mountain highway to San Pedro , the silhouette of the mountains in the distance , even now it gives me that tingling feeling , because that is Africa , and they are the rife mountains , and that's Morocco ! diverse for sure , a understanding and a insight , of the people and the places of the Serrania de Ronda , I recommend you immerse yourself  .




morocco in the distance
كيف يتهجى المغرب

Rain water management
When I arrived the land was dry and baron , with techniques left over from the moors , although this area of Andalusia can have quite high rain fall , the fact is , the worlds weather is getting  very unpredictable , being here highlighted the fact , may be enough rain fall , but summers here can be very long , and very hot ; The area now has two large containment pools , these are fed from a spring high up in the mountain , one of the spring water pools we use for swimming ;we also have a rain water filtration and harvesting system , with a green tank containment of  7 0 0 0 litres , this is for cleansing ; Drinking water comes in the form of  bottled water , that is because of heath safety , water around the site is not gravity fed , but pumped around , for all the hot water , a solar collector with a 1 2 5  litre holding tank , waste water goes in the form of irrigation , and runs off in to the many dependant flower beds .

Off grid power

A programme   Grand designs
   and a woodsman with a coppice , fired my imagination , and inspired me , I wanted what he had , wind turbines , photo voltaics , and he had light , that was the start , he highlighted the whole concept , we have two wind turbines , and six photovoltaics , and that produces all the farms needs through out the summer months , all electricity is stored in a battery storage facility .we are not 12 volts battery supply , but a inverted victron 230 v to British standard , and stable for telecommunications or digital applications , if however we experience low light , then a liquid gas goes in to operation for a short while to bring the batteries up to the recommended regulated levels .


We do everything we can to be as friendly to the planet as possible , and we have done our up most to find products to be sustained by our energy source ; food storage , low voltage freezer and fridge , lighting comes in the form of  L e d s  , we keep power consumption to a minimal , high power appliances , washing machine , cappuccino machine , are generator powered only , every attempt has been made to keep this remote retreat  100% up to date , and back in the twenty first century , we haven`t compromised the way we live here , but we have enhanced it , it really is luxury glamping .
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Finca Andijar Finca Andijar Spain 29440 , Spain 29440, Spain, Spain

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