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The Gaia Tribe

Gaia Tribe Warre Gaia Tribe Warre, Ganton YO12 4PG, North YorkShire, United Kingdom


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The Gaia Tribe was founded  by Selma and Chris: "we both share a longing for living more sustainably and for building grounded, sacred community. We believe that community offers us the best possible chance to explore the ways in which we can create a more just and sustainable society, and for learning the skills that will help to make this happen.

In thinking about how we could build longer term sustainable community, we had an idea that we could begin by offering short term experiences of community. We could bring together what we love to do with what we want to create. We love camping and the opportunity it gives us to slow down and to live life with more simplicity and presence. We love singing and dancing and creating beautiful spaces, but most of all we love bringing people together. We decided the time was right for organising some camps in the North of England. We hope in some small way to recreate a sense of tribal gathering at our camps, to build community through sharing skills, creativity and celebration.

Our vision: is to create beautiful nurturing environments immersed in nature, that allow people to reconnect to the joy of being human, and to explore the ways in which we can build a more sustainable life affirmimg culture.

How? Our plan is to find a lovely piece of land in which we can create a 'Cultural Experience'. This would be an innovative, educational and creative space in which people from many diverse groups, organisations and businesses  could come together. At its heart would be an inspirational, fully serviced events centre, under canvas. 

Currently.... we are looking for some land to rent/lease or buy, so if you are a sympathetic landowner or know of one, please get in touch with us! Or if you are interested in being involved in our plans, we would love to hear from you.

While we are in this process of searching and exploration, putting on our camps is an important way of us grounding our vision and expressing our intention. Hosting our annual Gaia Tribe event is our way of experiencing now some of the elements of the permanent life we want to build with others, in the future.

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Gaia Tribe Warre Gaia Tribe Warre, Ganton YO12 4PG, North YorkShire, United Kingdom

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