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Organics Food And Cafe

Sheikh Zayed Rd Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates


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OF&C, Family owned and Family supporting

Organic Foods and Café is a family run organic supermarket and café that sells fresh organic and biodynamic food, supplements, skincare, cosmetics, baby items and household cleaning products.

We opened our first store in Satwa, Dubai in 2004. Organic Foods and Cafe currently supplies over 10,000 hormone and chemical free products direct from family run farms throughout the world.

We do not buy from the open market, nor from traders. We have a selection of handpicked farmers whom we have personally visited (and regularly pay a visit to) and who have the same values we do:

Thomas and Brigitte Eberharter produce the finest goats cheese for us; Sue from Wensleydale ensures we always get the freshest fruits; our friends at Saraaketha in Sri Lanka who have visited us countless times also help us have the best fruit and veg. We value our suppliers and their family values.Born in Germany, Nils El Accad was raised in the UAE since the 1970’s. His family has been established in the region for 45 years now.

Nils El Accad’s first exposure to organic food began as a teenager, when his mother first taught him about the importance of raw wholegrain, unprocessed organic foodstuff after she was diagnosed with cancer. She died when he was 21 years old.

The second time he was exposed to organic food was in 1997. After falling unexplainably ill and having been to many doctors all unable to help him, he turned to alternative medicine. After trying many things a homeopath discovered what an array of doctors and specialists could not – that Nils was being poisoned by the very food that he ate. Despite his best efforts to eat healthily, he had nonetheless been exposed to a wide range of preservatives, hormones and other artificial food additives that were blocking up his lymphatic system and causing a lot of trouble. Six months later he experienced the same conditions again and went to the same homeopath who this time, after giving him the drops, asked him not to come back and waste her time if he did not eat clean foods!

He immediately set out to improve his diet with organic foodstuff, only to discover that there weren’t any reliable organic suppliers in the region, and precious few resources to educate and enlighten those who seek truly organic food. He attempted to change the food industry he worked in to stop using preservatives and opt for better options but no luck. His next attempt was to import organic foods and sell through the retailers but there too there was no luck. He discovered quickly that the food industry was about making money, not nutrition. The only criteria were: will it sell and is it legal? That was not enough for Nils and he decided to open the OF&C, with the aim to make a difference by providing a “healthy nutritious food the way it was meant to be”. As he so often says: “It’s NOT about money, it’s about nutrition!”

Today, Nils owns the Organic Foods and Café, the largest organic supplier in the UAE, with three shops in Dubai, one in Bahrain and shops opening very soon in Abu Dhabi and Qatar.



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Sheikh Zayed Rd Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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