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Eight Day Co-Op

111 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7DU, Manchester, United Kingdom


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During the first six years 8th Day was run as a co-operative but was in fact legally a partnership. In 1976 On the Eighth Day Co-operative Limited registered as a workers’ co-operative under the Provident Societies Act.

A worker co-op is a co-operative owned and democratically managed by its workers. Most of the full time workers at 8th Day are members of the co-operative who work in either the shop or café AND manage the business. There is no top-down management system and we all earn the same; all members are expected to self-manage, and manage each other – often difficult, but worth it! The trade off: a sense of ownership of the business; playing a part in making decisions that affect you (the worker); empowering members to drive the business forward. Although we are relatively multi-skilled, in recent years – in order to remain competitive – we have placed more emphasis on members’ specific skills: our treasurer (who is a genius), now does little else other than co-ordinate the co-op’s finances; we have a member trained to degree level in nutrition, and this is her main job; the chefs in the café tend not to participate in other activities…the essence is that all roles are regarded as of equal importance, and remunerated as such.

‘8th Day Co-operative exists to encourage the optimum health of its customers and staff by providing quality vegetarian food and advice, whilst maintaining a caring, sustainable, democratic and ethical business environment for its workers.’


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111 Oxford Rd, Manchester M1 7DU, Manchester, United Kingdom

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