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Planet Organic

42 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH, Westbourne , United Kingdom


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We believe in ethical and sustainable farming and place great emphasis on the provenance of all our products. We have a British policy on buying meat and British first for fruit and vegetables.

We like to source from ethical producers and to have knowledge of the traceability of all ingredients and produce. Organic standards enable traceability, and with artisan producers we can see for ourselves that the methods they use meet our very high criteria.

We are in regular contact with our suppliers and attend trade shows to find the best new products to bring you at all our stores. Our commitment to our farmers, bakers, producers, manufacturers and other suppliers enables us to maintain high standards, and we work together to create first class recipes.

What we believe

Our simple truth is that foods should be natural and wholesome. We advocate that food be authentic and ethical, freshly prepared and tasty – not a mere convenience.

We know that people who are discerning about what they eat want to make informed and responsible choices. Like us you believe that food wasn’t meant to be meddled with or tainted with chemicals. So we say no to artificial additives, hydrogenated fats, highly processed foods, and of course GM.

Instead at Planet Organic you’ll find nutritious, seasonal and organic food with the goodness intact. There are so many advantages to organically produced food – no artificial pesticides, well fed and cared for animals, and guaranteed protection and sustainability of local wildlife and the environment.

Planet Organic’s natural ethos also extends to our beliefs about health and how complementary therapies and remedies can prevent and cure illness. Nourishing our families with good wholesome home cooking combined with a complementary approach to wellbeing is the foundation for a healthy, vital life now and for generations to come.


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42 Westbourne Grove, London W2 5SH, Westbourne , United Kingdom

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