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Savvy Green

P.O. Box 1008 St. P P.O. Box 1008 St. Petersburg Florida, America 33731 , Florida, USA 33731, St. Petersburg, USA Florida, United States


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Our Mission: To offer inspiration, awareness, information and products that will ensure healthy homes and lifestyles.

This is how it all began. We started working at home using a simple recipe to create a dry laundry detergent to give to friends and family. The thought was that if all of our friends used the powder detergent “gifts,” that alone could account for a significant reduction of detergents in large plastic containers and their associated carbon footprint.

Well, our friends loved the powder. In fact, they’re still using it.

Why should they be the only ones? Inspired by how effective such a strategy would be if applied on a larger scale, Savvy Green was established in St. Petersburg, Florida as an independent, privately held company. Our goal is to provide products to natural food stores, supermarkets, and online retailers throughout the US. We are all about offering safe, eco-friendly, and effective options—no need to sacrifice “clean” for green.” We are committed to environmental responsibility every step of the process—from development to production to distribution—all the way to our customers’ ease of use and responsible disposal of containers.

We are not jumping on the eco-bandwagon. In our daily lives, we are continually seeking ways to shrink our carbon footprint: rebuilding and replacing roofs; increasing building insulation; choosing energy star appliances, LED lighting, solar panels and oven cooking, native plant landscaping, and efficient vehicles (we especially like bikes!).

We strongly believe that giving back to the local community is the responsibility of any corporation. Savvy Green intends to reinvest surplus so that our operations will contribute to caring for the planet, and the people, plants and animals that inhabit it. Our resources support earth-friendly and socially responsible investments. It is our fervent desire to “pay it forward” and use our eco-prowess to provide educational opportunities in sustainable practices being developed locally and globally. A percentage of our net earnings will always be donated to charitable organizations whose environmental goals and practices are aligned with the Savvy Green mission.

The Savvy Green laundry soap story begins—as all good stories do—with a strong sense of purpose and desire to fill a need.



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P.O. Box 1008 St. P P.O. Box 1008 St. Petersburg Florida, America 33731 , Florida, USA 33731, St. Petersburg, USA Florida, United States

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