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start naked

145 River Point Cour 145 River Point Court Alpharetta, Ga. 30022, America, America 30022, Georgia, USA, United States


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How can we contribute to the world, experience the refreshingly unfamiliar tastes,
sights and sounds of other cultures while embracing the spirit of entrepreneurship?
Start Naked was spawned from this desire.
We are idea people and have connected our heart to village artisans and there handcrafted products and unique things. We delight in the idea that at our best we are all citizens of the world! Artisans and craftsmen struggle to compete with the mega-malls and homogeneous super stores. In contrast these amazing cottage industry handicrafts are passed on from mother to daughter and father to son. We believe that in supporting the unique skill sets of these artisans we can provide them with a sustainable livelihood through fair trade products. Although just a beginning, our work opens opportunities for their children to have an education while encouraging the preservation of their culture and artistic heritage.
Here’s what we do… We co-create highly unique things all handcrafted products with artisans in numerous countries by going into villages observing their craft, and creating designs that are more suitable for the American market. With the spirit of fair trade practices, we pay artisans a competitive rate and most often just what they request. All artisans receive a 50% advance when an order is placed. Our local agents collect our products from these families.  Our fair trade handcrafted products range from eco friendly tote bags, handmade baskets to handcrafted beaded jewelry. In some cases the unique skills found in five different villages help to complete a single product. Out of this sometimes tedious proccess comes a very unique product.    
We believe in unique things and quality, and do nothing in “mass” production. In many ways our products are all “limited edition” being crafted in homes with no two products exactly alike. Stores that carry a Start Naked products help improve the quality of life and opportunity of these talented artists.
Thank you for carrying our products and being a part of the Start Naked vision to help families and preserve artisan made handcrafted products .

"Our Give Back program" : We hope to be a positive catalyst in helping break the cycle of poverty in Bali with the goal of supporting a child’s education. As we are out and about, each retreat group will be on the lookout for a little girl to sponsor. There are many children, but our little girl will be intuitively selected and compelled out of love. We can offer her strength and she will give us inspiration… a small offering for a world in desperate need of compassion. Wake up in Bali embraces the idea that we be continually engaged in a quest of reaching out beyond ourselves.
As my love affair with Bali grew, it wasn’t long before I was invited by Balinese friends to the remote villages of the island. The birds are singing and the brooks are babbling, but then I realized hidden from this beauty is a very strong caste system. It is in these out of the way places where the traditional rice field help and behind the scenes artisans live. The regions are left out of the tourist trade and sometimes have no electricity.
On numerous occasions I’d bump into adorable barefoot little girls. Shy and inquisitive, they would follow us in our walk and take your heart away. I soon discovered these children’s parents were not able to pay for the “public” school system and were dropped out in the 3rd grade. They are not just dropped out… they are dropped into a future of manual labor and poverty as their only option.
We’d like to help, to empower one child at a time for a life with possibilities.
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145 River Point Cour 145 River Point Court Alpharetta, Ga. 30022, America, America 30022, Georgia, USA, United States

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