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ONG Natural Body Care

PO Box 447 PO Box 447 Ruislip Middlesex HA4 4GY, London HA4 4GY, Middlesex UK, United Kingdom


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O.N.G natural bodycare was launched in 2011, built upon our passion for natural and organic beauty products and believing that things can be done differently in the world of business. We think business shouldn’t just be about making a profit; it should be about helping the world by doing good for the environment and for society. That’s why we’re always thinking about the products we choose and the effect they have, not just on us individually but our wider environment and communities.  

At O.N.G we aim to make organic and natural beauty products accessible to everyone by bringing together a wide selection of safe, natural and organic products free from unnecessary chemicals for your everyday beauty routine. For us, choosing beauty products bursting with natural ingredients is part of a holistic approach to fabulous looking skin. We believe in products which use natural ingredients and work in harmony with the skins natural balance rather than subjecting skin to damage and irritation at the hands of chemically enhanced products.
As well as providing fantastic skin care, we can guarantee our products are better for the environment as fewer chemicals are washed down the plug hole and into the water supply and  they biodegrade faster; it simply makes sense to choose natural alternatives. Many of our products are organic which means that they support farmers in protecting the soil from chemical fertilizers and avoiding the use of GMO’s. A number of products in our range contain fairtrade ingredients, meaning that the communities and people who supply them get a fair price for their work, which we think is only fair, after all they work hard to bring us the best ingredients for skin care.   
We are committed to reusing and recycling as much of our packaging waste as is possible. Whilst we could recycle all our packaging, we prefer to reuse what we can. We also know it saves money, so for each box we manage to reuse, we’ll donate 25p to charity. If you want to find out more, check out our blog post. We aim to deliver fantastic service at all times and hope that if we do, you’ll love us and send us lots of hugs or tweets to let us know! We’ve yet to meet a company that’s perfect, so we’re always open to hear how well we’re doing. If you want to contact us there are lot of ways to do so. You can contact us by phone, via our contact page or on Twitter @ONG_Bodycare.  So whether you want advice on a particular product, a gift for someone special, or want to chase up your order; come say hello. We love to help with choosing gifts and offering help and you can rest assured that we are 100% committed to getting your products dispatched in-line with our delivery policy. If for any reason we can’t, we’ll be in contact to let you know why soon as possible. 



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PO Box 447 PO Box 447 Ruislip Middlesex HA4 4GY, London HA4 4GY, Middlesex UK, United Kingdom

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