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Wholistic Reserach Company

Unit 1, Five House Unit 1, Five House Farm Business Park, Sandon Road, Therfield, Royston, Herts. SG8 , London SG8, London, UK, United Kingdom


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Founded in 1981 Wholistic Research Company has its roots in the study of natural science, iridology, herbalism, polarity therapy, yoga, natural food for optimum health and other allied subjects. The products have sprung from the personal lives of all those at Wholistic. We all use in our own lives items from all the product categories offered here. They all have our personal recommendation. They all help towards the problems of living successfully and maintaining good health within our modern, polluted world.  

Here you will find products and books that tackle how we can deal effectively with water pollution, the vital nourishment we need to help prevent and fight disease, internal cleansing, modern exercise, subtle energies and the biological effects of TV's, computers, mobile phones, Wifi and electricity power lines. This wide range of healthy lifestyle products suggests a pattern of living that will bring science and nature into harmony. 

The word wholistic, also spelt 'holistic', conveys the idea that the whole is greater than just the sum of its parts. In health, it means considering the 'whole' person - their lifestyle, habits, constitution, physical and emotional stengths and weaknesses and their environment. The wholistic-minded therapist, practitioner or person therefore considers the whole person, when giving treatment, advice and help. The derivations of 'wholism' and 'holism' are of interest. It seems likely that the word 'holism' was first coined early in this century, having as its root the Greek 'holos' meaning 'whole'. The word 'whole' comes from the old English 'hal', first acquiring a 'wh' in the fifteenth century, and being the same root for 'hale' and 'health'. 'Wholism' was a later variant of 'holism', which gave it a parallel derivation and, in fact, a mildly different flavour of meaning. 'Wholism', is actually 'holism' as applied to health.

We have only ourselves. Whatever we may consider that self to be, it definitely has body and mind wrapped up in it somewhere or somehow. And if that body is not healthy, it is more difficult to be happy and to feel fulfilled. If we spend so much on television sets,  cars, washing machines, refrigerators and the like, in order to make the running of our lives smoother and more pleasant, then we definitely owe it to ourselves to look after ourselves as well as possible, to give ourselves a better life. In addition, we also have to deal, in some way or another, with the many aspects of environmental pollution and psychological stress engendered by our modern way of life. However, as a friend once commented 'Most people would rather die, than spend £5 a week on their health'. With the current upsurge of interest in Natural Health and the increasing individual desire to take responsibility for one's health and well-being, we hope he is not correct!


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Unit 1, Five House Unit 1, Five House Farm Business Park, Sandon Road, Therfield, Royston, Herts. SG8 , London SG8, London, UK, United Kingdom

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