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International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists

IFPA82 Ashby Road Hi IFPA 82 Ashby Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1SN, London LE10 1SN, Leicestershire UK, United Kingdom


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Aromatherapy is a treatment designed to help maintain physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing by the correct application of pure essential oils. The word 'aroma' means a fragrance or sweet smell and the word therapy simply means a treatment designed to bring about a positive change in an individual.

Since an aromatherapy treatment is concerned with creating balance and equilibrium within a person, its primary uses are to clam, uplift, detoxify, de-stress and invigorate – in others words, to help the body to help itself to regain health or wellbeing.

Although many people assume that aromatherapy is simply a fragrant massage, the real effects of clinical aromatherapy treatments can be deeper and more therapeutic than this.

Essential oils

Essential oils are manufactured in the leaves of aromatic plants during the process of photosynthesis and then stored in a variety of places, such as in the flowers, leaves, fruit, seeds, etc, depending on the plant.

They are extracted by a variety of methods, including distillation and expression. Each individual essential oil has its own chemical components and therefore, its own individual therapeutic properties.

Aromatherapy Massage and what to expect from a treatment

The therapeutic effects of the essential oils in combination with massage can help to calm and relax the whole person. Massage is proven to eliminate toxins and promote healing and recovery of muscle and skin tissue by delivering fresh oxygenated blood carrying vital nutrients and minerals to the area. Choosing the right combination of essential oils for an individual can promote improved health, ease pain, reduce stress, calm the mind and help to balance the whole person.

A full consultation will be taken, to include questions about your general health, medical history and emotional well being. This information is treated with the utmost of respect and is confidential. Essential oils will be chosen uniquely for your situation and the aromatherapist will protect your dignity by only exposing the area of the body being treated.

Often the aromatherapist will offer you a therapeutic blend of essential oils to take home to use between treatments. This helps to give your treatment continuity and can speed the sense of wellbeing.

A qualified aromatherapist may need to contact your doctor before treatment if they have any concerns regarding an illness or possible contra-indication to the treatment.


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IFPA82 Ashby Road Hi IFPA 82 Ashby Road Hinckley Leicestershire LE10 1SN, London LE10 1SN, Leicestershire UK, United Kingdom

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