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Albaverde Handmade Soaps

Andalucia, Spain, Spain, Andalucia, Spain


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Beautiful Handmade Soap From The Heart of Andalucia.

I moved out to Andalucia from England in the early 1990s, to live on a small holding in the Alconocales Natural Park, where I had my three children which kept me pretty busy! Being surrounded by incredible wild nature, I started to learn about the local plants; especially the abundant aromatics that were collected by my Spanish neighbours, both for their culinary and medicinal use.

As my children grew up and I had a little more time on my hands, I joined forces with a local woman known for her knowledge of medicinal plants, who showed me how and when to collect various herbs to distil, in order to obtain wonderful essential oils. I also made my first soaps with her - soap making still being a widely practised skill among the older generation, mainly to make laundry soaps for hand washing.

I became fascinated by the soap making process both for its inherent simplicity and possibilities for creativity: use of natural colorants, exfoliants, and essential oils. I researched widely and experimented extensively with the aim to produce a totally pure, natural, palm oil free soap with a good lather, smooth texture and fine grain.

All the soaps I make are hand stirred in small 3 kilo batches. They are coloured with plant extracts and scented with pure essential oils guaranteeing a true handmade, chemical free product.


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Andalucia, Spain, Spain, Andalucia, Spain

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