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Thriving Butterfly

4100 Wythe Ave 4100 Wythe Ave Richmond, Virginia, America 23221 , Virginia, USA 23221, Richmond, Virginia USA, United States


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How we live our daily lives affects the health of the entire planet. Starting around the mid 1960s, living a green life was not the norm; it was typically viewed as the lifestyle choice of those wanting to live and feel closer to mother earth. Over the years, we have slowly begun to realize that the health of all organisms and the earth is being adversely affected by our toxic, polluted and artificial ways. As humans, we are often creative and efficient with devising man-made solutions to our problems but we often misuse our intelligence and are short-sited about the cumulative effects of our poisonous acts and creations. There is no doubt that these decisions to contaminate our ground, water and air have led to the permanent extinction of many plant and animal species; those of us left standing could be the next target of our own actions if nothing is done immediately.
We are now living in an age where embracing and caring for the earth is not a marginal hippie lifestyle anymore; it is mandatory for our survival and that of the entire planet. We, as humans, have collectively dirtied the earth; as a result, we must all take full responsibility by repairing her wounds and preventing further injury to all of her creatures and delicate eco-systems. The earth and all of life are counting on us to change our ways and return the earth to the pure condition in which we found it.
It will be a slow process but it can only happen if we all make a conscious decision to start living a greener life today, At Thriving Butterfly, we believe that making a personal impact on the environment often starts within ourselves and how we choose to live each day. It would be financially impractical for each of us to try to completely do a green overhaul of our homes, furnishings and other large expenditures. A simple solution is to look at the smaller eco-friendly options we can start making today and consider more sustainable choices when making larger purchases down the road. Thriving Butterfly, your eco boutique for home, family and lifestyle, is here to assist you with Taking flight to a green life.


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4100 Wythe Ave 4100 Wythe Ave Richmond, Virginia, America 23221 , Virginia, USA 23221, Richmond, Virginia USA, United States

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