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Comfort and Joy

Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL7 5BG, London GL7 5BG, Gloucestershire UK, United Kingdom


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Healthy, Wholesome Skin Care Made With Love,Welcome to Comfort & Joy The finest skin care nature has to offer. Wholesome, healthy, delightfully indulgent and expertly handmade by us, Comfort & Joy’s range is dedicated to your wellbeing; helping your skin

I started Comfort & Joy because I had irredeemably troubled skin, and nothing on the market--no matter what the price--seemed to help. Drawing on various studies in biochemistry and years of research into natural alternatives, I started making skin care preparations for myself, my family, and my friends who, once they had seen how my skin had bloomed, wanted help! The baby range, for example, was created for my friends who refused to put anything on their babies that they wouldn’t use on their own skins and it is now one of our best-sellers. Having started on our kitchen table, we now span the globe with our sales but our products are still all made by hand, by us: from my family to yours. We like it this way!    
Our philosophy is simple: We believe in gently encouraging your skin to work healthily for itself. We know that a healthy, glowing skin and shining, bouncy hair full of vitality is the easily achievable foundation of looking and feeling great and that the best way to achieve this is via products which are as unprocessed and natural as is possible, relying on completely natural vegetable butters and cold pressed oils, essential oils and infusions which are allowed to do their jobs unhindered by overheating. Safe synthetics and preservatives are kept to an utter bare minimum and only found in a handful of products. Our products work wonderfully well, are very concentrated as typically they include between 65-100% active ingredients, and are true treats! Every soothing potion, every catwalk-worthy colour is blended with hope and healing energy, every bottle is packed with love or it doesn’t leave the premises.


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Gloucestershire, United Kingdom GL7 5BG, London GL7 5BG, Gloucestershire UK, United Kingdom

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