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The State Office The Estate Office SO21 3JW , London SO21 3JW, UK, United Kingdom


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" Meridian Nut's Nature's Energy."

There has been a long history of eating seeds & nuts since our ‘hunter/gatherer’ ancestors as a valuable source of nutrition. We’ve been making nut and seed butters in our factory in North Wales for over 30 years so we know just how deliciously healthy they are. Read the following facts and you will see why at Meridian we are NUTS ABOUT NUTS!
Nuts have been part of our diet for thousands of years. All nuts and seeds are a good source of vegetable protein and energy. Although they contain oils & fat, a high percentage of these oils/fats are mono and poly unsaturated oils which are better for heart health than the saturated fats found in animal products. Many nuts and seeds also contain phytosterols which help with the reduction of cholesterol levels.
Nuts and seeds release their energy slowly which makes them an excellent addition to a low Glycaemic load diet. This dietary approach is aimed at managing blood glucose and weight and reduces the longer term risk of developing Type II Diabetes. In addition the oils in nuts provide a feeling of satiety which can help to suppress appetite.
Virtually all nuts are very good sources of the main B vitamins - B1/Thiamine, B2/Riboflavin, B3/Niacin and B6/Pyridoxine which help with energy production and carbohydrate metabolism, balancing blood sugar levels, hormones and cardiovascular health.


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The State Office The Estate Office SO21 3JW , London SO21 3JW, UK, United Kingdom

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