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Sea Breeze Power Corp

333 Seymour St, Vancouver V6B 5A6, British Columbia, Canada


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Renewable Energy for a New Generation

The world's increasing need for clean, green power is a fundamental driver of our business mission. Our projects offer long-term, cost-effective, reliable energy solutions that will not damage the environment.

We are part of a shift towards renewable energy and strive to make positive contributions to both sustainable economies and better environments. In the changing face of the British Columbia power sector, we are doing our part to improve standards of living and environmental responsibility of the communities we serve and in which we operate. Our projects can bring much needed employment to the local economies that have previously relied on a fast-disappearing resource economy. We hire locally and wish to benefit the communities we are in.

Alternative Energy

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333 Seymour St, Vancouver V6B 5A6, British Columbia, Canada

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