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TBF Enviromental Technologies

12255 King George Boulevard, Surrey V3V 3K2, British Columbia, Canada


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Solvent for a Green Earth

TBF Environmental Technology (TBF) manufactures innovative solvents which reduce environmental impact by lowering and/or eliminating the emission of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs), and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Our solvents do not contribute to ozone depletion. All TBF solvents reduce the risk to the health and safety of workers compared to conventional solvents.

Our exclusive "Earth Friendly" © technology allows industrial users to replace toxic, polluting solvents with TBF's "Environmentally Compliant Green Solvents©" (ECG). Our ECG solvents are designed to meet and/or exceed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and State VOC emission requirements. TBF's ECG solvents also may reduce regulatory reporting demands, and reduce or eliminate the creation and disposal of hazardous waste. All TBF solvents exhibit low toxicity and are designed to not be harmful to workers, air, water and soil.

TBF solvents are also designed to reduce the exposure of workers to toxins in the workplace and to reduce the averse acute and long-term damage to health. All our products are benzene-free, non-cancerous, and workplace-safe.


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12255 King George Boulevard, Surrey V3V 3K2, British Columbia, Canada

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