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How Do You Communicate Your Impact?

How Do You Communicate Your Impact?

Communicate Your Impact

You’ve made the transition from traditional ‘dead tree’ methods of communication to online channels like the company website and maybe even blogs and social media, but are you simply ‘transmitting’ information about your sustainability initiatives, or engaging and interacting with stakeholders –in other words: communicating?

From the marketing point of view, using the company website as an electronic brochure can do an organization more harm than good, as this practice can easily be perceived as simply wanting to ‘be seen’ as doing the right thing.

Dialogue, on the other hand, gives the organization credibility, and fosters transparency and trust. The perception that there could be a hidden agenda is replaced by a consensus among stakeholders that they are finally getting involved, and being heard.

It is a process that requires being proactive, asking for views and opinions, and being a good listener, a process that begins with a captivating, innovative, alternative ‘platform for engagement’ that has highly skilled corporate and tech people behind it to run it, monitor it and manage it. Welcome to the Sustainability ShowCase.

The Sustainability ShowCase

The Sustainability ShowCase is a specially developed micro-website that hosts multimedia presentations of sustainable solutions developed by members themselves or through collaborative synergies to a targeted audience through GoGreen Portals, where we disseminate information and initiate contact among all the members and stakeholders in our sustainability database and network.

Progressive online marketing and SEO campaigns – including articles, blogs, social media management, automated inbound marketing, PR, mobile and email marketing – assure that each Sustainability ShowCase is reaching all stakeholder groups, from analysts and investors, to employees, customers and vendors. Behind the scenes, the GoGreen Portals team follows up with ongoing web traffic analyses of usability, performance and visitor metrics.

The ShowCase Manager is an easy-to-use fully integrated front-end management system and dashboard that allows each Sustainability ShowCase owner to create and operate their project smoothly, but creative and tech support is also available seven days a week.

Inside the Sustainability ShowCase

  • Sustainability ShowCase Catalogue
  • Listing – intuitive and developed with a strong emphasis on user experience, SEO and performance
  • Sustainability ShowCase Info and Stats
  • Slideshow
  • Social Networks
  • ShowCase Introduction
  • A PowerPoint presentation that is also uploaded at the SlideShare network
  • ShowCase Owners’ Blog


Each Sustainability ShowCase addresses the impact of the solution, business, project or service by presenting these ten imperatives:

1. Challenge/Problem

2. Solution

3. Innovation

4. Ability to Execute

5. International Scaling – Realizing the Potential

6. Ecological Impact

7. Economic Impact

8. Social Impact

9. Cultural Impact

10. Political Impact


  • The Sustainability ShowCase Owner’s Blog
  • CSR & Certification
  • Video
  • Photo Gallery
  • Reviews – Accessible to GoGreen Portals Members and Visitors
  • Location – Google Maps
  • Contact Details and Email Form

You will find a lot more information about the Sustainability ShowCase, and the annual GoGreen Credits Awards, here. Let the dialogue begin!

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