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Reduce carbon emissions by as much as 88%.

Batchbook is cloud-based, social-friendly, contact-centric, customer relationship management (CRM) software for small businesses that includes contact management, social integration, to-do lists, advanced search, list-building, and reporting. Founded and run by entrepreneurs, Batchbook is passionate about enabling small businesses to do big things.

Most small business people interact with stakeholders through email, Skype, texts, social media and phone calls, all of which can be challenging to keep track of in the absence of a central location to consolidate the team’s contacts, pursue leads, and collaborate on what might be the best steps to take next and who should take them.

Batchbook allows businesses to integrate all social media into one simple interface and keep the team informed about what stakeholders find important. Conversations are visible to the whole team, greatly enhancing internal communication.

For those of us who have all of the vital information that is the lifeblood of our organization scattered across numerous email accounts and platforms, Batchbook is the ideal solution. Making it even more appealing to GoGreen Portals members is that it is hosted by cloud-based Amazon Web Services, which allows companies like Batchbook to reduce carbon emissions by as much as 88% – a massive improvement in energy efficiency that drives a huge reduction in climate impact because less energy consumed means fewer carbon emissions. It’s a win-win, for the future of small business, and our planet.


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