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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase Intro


AquaBlue Group is a sustainable aquaculture company established with commercial success and marine conservation at its core. We specialize in sea cucumber fish farming, with a focus on producing sustainable sea cucumbers for the food and medical trades within Asia, and primarily for the Chinese mainland market.

Sea cucumbers are a highly sought after food source, particularly when dried, within Asia where they are considered a delicacy. They have a protein content of more than 50% more than that of many other edible species and the detection of glycosaminoglycan and a history of use in Chinese medicine adds to their pharmaceutical value and potential too, with some interesting research into anti-cancer agents within sea cucumbers being investigated currently.

Depleted stocks and unsustainable fishing of wild stocks has led not only to a gap in the market but wider conservation and ecology concerns. Part of our modus operandi is to put in place in-built, ongoing marine conservation initiatives.

The initial farms will be  established in Thailand and this model and aquaculture template will be replicated and rolled out in various key locations within Southeast Asia as part of AquaBlue Group and our international scaling strategy.


Impact Articles


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February 12, 2017

AquaBlue Ventures - The Challenge

Sea cucumber wild populations are under serious threat, with the International Union for Conservation of…
February 15, 2017

AquaBlue Ventures S-ShowCase - Innovation

Aquaculture is experiencing a fast-moving upward trajectory in terms of scientific research, understanding of marine…

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About Us

AquaBlue Group Inc is founded by professionals and experts in marine sciences with direct aquaculture and sea cucumber fish farming backgrounds. Established in 2016, the team have over 20 years’ industry experience that includes business, project and HR management.

With hands-on, specialist understanding of running commercially successful enterprises, the AquaBlue Group corporate culture and business strategy is both goal oriented and ecologically minded.

AquaBlue Group was set up through the GoGreen Incubation Center (GIC) which supports start-ups and established businesses achieve high-potential sustainability initiatives and Responsible Business practices. GIC offers business support and mentorship, funding opportunities and valuable resources through a collaborative team, think-tank and network along with, administrative, legal, business development tech, web development, and marketing programs and services.

georgina robinson phd

In Asia, sea cucumbers are a high-value delicacy and also used in traditional Chinese medicine. Globally, demand is dramatically outstripping supply, and the IUCN has added 17 species of sea cucumber to its “Red List” of threatened species.

Sea cucumbers are critical to sustaining the health and productivity of marine ecosystems. Aquaculture production and active fisheries management are the only viable means of meeting demand and safe-guarding the species.

- Georgina Robinson, PhD, Sea Cucumber Expert and Consultant and None-Executive Director, AquaBlue Group Co., Limited


AquaBlue Group Inc. - Management Team

The ABG Team vision is to become the biggest sea cucumber farming opertion in the world by end of 2020.

peter pesh ceo aquablue group

Carl-Peter Pesch, CEO

20 years’ aquaculture experience in Sea cucumbers, Abalone, Oysters and Pearl culture.

Carl-Peter joined NAQUA (National Aquaculture Group) in Saudi Arabia as Head of the Sea Cucumber Department in 2013, with the sole purpose of commercializing NAQUA’s sea cucumber pilot project. At the end of 2017, NAQUA will be the biggest producer of scabra sea cucumbers in the world.

Carl-Peter also headed the design and development of the new hatchery at NAQUA which opened February 2017. Peter's farm management and team leadership is well known and recognized in the aquaculture industry. Carl-Peter resigned from his position at NAQUA in June 2017 to concentrate his time 100% on the commercial roll-out of AquaBlue Group in Thailand.

Peter is a PADI Rescue and Master Diver and a passionate sea and ocean conservation advocate.  

georgina robinson director aquablue group

Dr. Georgina Robinson, Research and Development Director

Regarded as one of the world’s leading sea cucumber aquaculture expert's with 12 years’ experience. PhD in Sea cucumber aquaculture.

Dr. Georgina Robinson was instrumental in pioneering the development of community-based sea cucumber farming in Madagascar working for Blue Ventures as the Mariculture Development Coordinator from 2008 to 2010. She consults globally for a wide range of private sector companies, international organizations, governments and NGO’s, including AquaSol, Aqua-Spark, the National Aquaculture Group (NAQUA) in Saudi Arabia, the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations. She was hired as an independent expert by Aqua-Spark to undertake due diligence on Indian Ocean Trepang (IOT) in 2016 and was instrumental in securing investment for their expansion. Since completing her PhD in 2016, Georgina has been based in Mauritius where she works part-time for the Scottish Association for Marine Science as a Post-Doctoral Researcher in Tropical Ecology.

Georgina is passionate about sea cucumber conservation, stock restoration and the development of sustainable aquaculture technologies. Her main research focus is the integration of sea cucumbers into land-based aquaculture for improved sustainability and bioremediation. She is a PADI Rescue Diver and Emergency First Responder.  

rory dennis scheppers

Rory Dennis Scheepers, COO

7 years’ aquaculture experience in Sea Cucumbers, Ornamental and Catfish production and Aquaponics.

Rory has four years' Effluent Water Project Management at SABMiller Brewery for Rhodes University, where he designed and oversaw the construction of a greenhouse facility with an intergrated aquaponics and algal pounding system and a constructed wetland where Masters students completed their theses.

An experienced individual who has a strong track-record in the management and operation of aquaculture projects including hatcheries and grow-out farms. Rory is heading the design and construction of the new AquaBlue Group super sea cucumber hatchery building in Thailand.

Rory has a Bachelor of Science degree in Ichthyology and Zoology and following that up with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Ichthyology and Fisheries Science. Rory joined NAQUA in 2014 as the Grow-Out Manager of the sea cucumber operation, working here until June 2017, before deciding to concentrate his time 100% on the commercial roll-out of the AquaBlue Group in Thailand.

Rory's heart is with his wife and two year old son and the plight of threatened marine ecosystems and sustainable food sources. Rory is a qualified Advanced Diver with NAUI and also has an advanced Nitrox qualification with PADI.  

finn hyttel ceo managing partner gogreen portals group

Finn Hyttel, Board Director

CEO & Managing Partner | Impact Investment | Accelerator & Sustainability Incubation | Online Media |
GoGreen Credits Impact Fund | GoGreen Portals Group Limited | GoGreen Credits Partners LLC | GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Foundation.

Finn is an entrepreneur and business executive with more than 27 years’ experience in the Internet, software and property industries and 12 years of expertise in director positions in tourism, including sustainable tourism destination development in Southeast Asia.

Since 1975, he has founded, led and invested in several Danish and international companies, developing and implementing large projects with multi-national corporations and governments. The Danish Government has invested in one of his software companies and projects. During his years of conducting business in Asia, Finn has gained valuable knowledge and insights whilst establishing important professional and social connections throughout the region. His Pan-Asian and Worldwide business networks are far-reaching.

At the end of 2012, Finn decided to devote his time to tackling some of the environmental and social challenges the world is facing, by the incorporation, development and operation of GoGreen Credits and GoGreen Portals Group Limited. In 2016, he added the GoGreen Incubation Center and in 2017, the GoGreen Credits Impact Fund and the GoGreen Credits Marine Life & Coral Reef Conservation Foundation.

Earth and sky; woods and fields; lakes and rivers; the mountains; and the sea and oceans have always been a big part of Finn’s life. It is amongst nature that he finds true creative inspiration. Finn has been a diver for many years and sailing is one of his many sports and hobbies that embraces the Great Outdoors. In fact, the inspiration for GoGreen Credits and GoGreen Portals first came to him out sailing in his kayak off the coast of Thailand’s Koh Samui in 2012.

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