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AquaBlue Ventures S-ShowCase - Impact On Politics

AquaBlue Ventures S-ShowCase - Impact On Politics
S-ShowCase Impact On Politics

Our efforts at AquaBlue Ventures are also aimed at drawing attention to the plight of marine life conservation, the risks of endangered species in Asia and beyond as well as cause and effect.

We operate this through partnership with GoGreen Credits, a CSR tool that turns corporate engagement online into credits which are then converted into currency and donated to conservation projects such as ours.

Since sea cucumbers are so vital to the health of sea grass ecosystems, their survival is also crucial in protecting mangroves. This is a positive conservation message for Thailand, attracting greater interest in preserving marine life and coastal regions, integrating business and sustainability fishery ventures and encouraging Responsible Business within travel, tourism and hospitality. It also serves to create greater dialogue between relevant industry and non-industry organizations with a more expansive network on all levels. ​

Whilst AquaBlue Ventures does not directly politicize itself, the awareness it raises, local activity we initiate and corporate philosophy of ethical ecological business we engage in is expected to have a direct impact on stakeholders, end-customers, communities and organizations.

We can also act as a scientific-based advisory for governmental organizations and agencies, coordinating efforts to develop strategies to manage more effectively and initiating positive change.


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AquaBlue Ventures S-ShowCase - Impact On Culture

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