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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - International Scaling Realizing the Potential

AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - International Scaling Realizing the Potential
S-ShowCase International Scaling

Each aquaculture site is based on a proven model of a commercially viable, ecologically and marine-life friendly farm. AquaBlue Group projects are designed to be scalable within a single site, based on defining conditions such as land availability, with built-in flexibility and tools for both short-term and long-term operations.

Our aquaculture template is also transferable to a variety of destinations, landscapes and climatic conditions, with measures designed to tackle any distinct challenges. Suitable for small-scale and large-scale land-based sea cucumber aquaculture, there is also scope for customized conservation and site-specific CSR activities.

Widespread demand in Asia means the international potential for AquaBlue Group sea cucumber farms is expansive and achievable through in-depth business planning, certainly within the ASEAN Economic Community, within which Thailand is geographically placed as a central trade hub.


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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Impact On Ecology
AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Ability To Execute

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