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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Innovation

AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Innovation
S-ShowCase Innovation

Aquaculture is experiencing a fast-moving upward trajectory in terms of scientific research, understanding of marine life and experiential knowledge of sites and processes.

This means that innovative hatchery and breeding techniques, farming production processes and site strategies are able to segue into the mainstream operations as and when they are deemed both commercially and conservationally valid and beneficial.

The intensive farming of sea cucumbers is innovative of itself, yet established in terms of proof of success and, in reality, of necessity. Farming equipment, conditions and methods have become far more modernized and sophisticated as industry-knowledge has accelerated in just a few short years. The focus is on welfare, health and safety and quality, with the underpinning approach being that healthy sea cucumbers farmed in conditions that promote their well-being yield the best harvests.

At AquaBlue Group, we use sustainable feed and utilize green, renewable technologies such as solar and wind energy to create the optimal movement and climate within the sea cucumbers' aquaculture environment. Renewable energy sources will be adopted as far as possible to minimize the carbon footprint of the business.

Environmentally friendly low impact feeds will be used by ABV. These feeds consist mainly of plant-based proteins and not animals based proteins.


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AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Ability To Execute
AquaBlue Group S-ShowCase - Solution

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